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ah, the Bush toys 21.Aug.2003 17:23

something's missing

I wonder if Bush had some of those submarines that shoot torpedoes full of marines in the Willamette today. Now those I'd like to see.

image optimization, please 21.Aug.2003 18:37


kurtkabang, please learn to optimize your images. These photos are several MB in size!

um 21.Aug.2003 19:52


sorry. on my computer before i attached them, one of them was 300k and the other was 400k. weird. only took about 20 seconds to download from a phone line.

A note on Vancouver police presence 21.Aug.2003 20:12

jrash jrashrash@hotmail.com

One of these photos portrays Vancouver police in their SWAT type vehicle, patrolling the street. Indeed they were there, I saw them, and before today I didn't know that Vancouver had a SWAT team. As I've stated elsewhere, I've lived in Vancouver for 13 long unhappy years, and never, even on my darkest day, when the rain was black and death seemed more than a certainty, never did I spy the Vancouver SWAT team, nor their hellbound machine. And so, Vancouver....

Actually, Kinda Funny... 22.Aug.2003 02:57

Rian Snider RianSnider@yahoo.com

I just found it pretty laughable the major city of Portland didn't seem to have the SWAT-type vehicles that Salem and Vancouver had. Katz and Kroeker have the heeby-jeebies over some protesters and yet we've got to rent our RoboCops. Not that the budget should be going toward that type of shit anyway, but it still struck me as funny, in a twisted sort of way.

triangle image on tank ? 22.Aug.2003 08:17


What are the symbols on that tank ??

And their boots ... they are competing with some of the hitler stuff !!!

Blind.... 22.Aug.2003 16:22


Some Color-Bombs with mixed with oil and sand and the cops in their cars are absolutly blind...