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More Bush /Police Photos

More photos of the bush protest on August 21 2003
I know just the page for this in my memory book. I love protesters
I know just the page for this in my memory book. I love protesters
A protest sympathizer's facade momentarily cracks. He loves protesters too
A protest sympathizer's facade momentarily cracks. He loves protesters too
Protecting the american way of life
Protecting the american way of life
Surreal shot of police state meets suburbia.
Surreal shot of police state meets suburbia.
No flavors today... too oppressed
No flavors today... too oppressed
As if there wasn't enough teenage mutant ninja turtle police photos out there... here's some more!

forgot this one 21.Aug.2003 19:20

same author

Accidentally double posted 1 pic. Insert this instead. I seriously don't understand how people can use intimidation as a reason not to come out to protest. These guys were cream puffs. I have an aunt that's more irritable.
on parade
on parade

Interesting.... 21.Aug.2003 19:45


Hey, I think you just hit on the right nickname for these weird 'critters' that follow us around everytime we have a protest -- 'Turtles'

sense a beat 21.Aug.2003 20:28


briefly noted: did anybody else notice one of the robo cop guys nodding his head in time to the beat of the drums?
i laughed, especially when he abruptly stopped and returned to his statue postion. "man, this is a groovy beat... pretty cool.... OH SHIT! i'm supposed to be looking impassive and intimidating here!" probably the same guy giving the thumbs up for the camera.

Geez 21.Aug.2003 20:55

the redcoat

If I'd known the music was entertaining to the cops, I wouldn't have helped out with the rythm.

Re: sense a beat 21.Aug.2003 22:16

xyzzy Portland

"briefly noted: did anybody else notice one of the robo cop guys nodding his head in time to the beat of the drums? "

No, but I did see a riot cop with her (at least it looked like a female face) face shield up cracking a smile at one of our chants.

Officer Thompson 21.Aug.2003 23:02


I saw Officer Thompson (thin guy with a mustache, in the front row of the Portland cops) trying to keep from busting out laughing at a drunk guy's comments towards him....

to the beat 22.Aug.2003 10:04

a portland cop

I have to admit I did enjoy some of your rhythms. Just because I am out there doing my job doesn't mean I don't agree or disagree with some of the people. I did smile atcertain people who had nice things to say. I stared at people who judged me by the fact I chose a job that most of the time mandates me to stop people from stealing, killing, and committing other crimes against other people. Those of you who were there to protest the political agenda, I can respect you. At the end of your demonstration, you left peacefully and thanked officers and other demonstrators for not hurting one another. Those of you who began yelling at police telling us to "unionize" (which we are, you idiot who told us that) and protesting police for the job we do... you, I can't respect. You cannot go to a specific rally and randomly choose to chastize whomever and whatever you want and expect your point to be clear and respected. You come off sounding like an uneducated idiot. Pick your battle, fight it, and be respected. Don't pick random battles and throw a punch here and a kick there. You won't win and you won't be respected. Oh, and if you don't like police, don't call 911 when you need our help. Do it your damn self and see how you like it.

To Portland Cop 22.Aug.2003 10:46

Portland Citizen

I appreciate your opinion up to a point. Like many activists, I am into fighting real crime, helping real people, combatting real injustice, even bringing real cats out of real trees. I have thought of becoming a police officer. But then the reality hits me. There are so many power hungry cowboys on the police force who became cops not to fight for justice but because they want the power over others. And the structure of command makes it so that cops have to give up their anility to think for themselves because they are ultimately following the orders of their superiors and accountable to them. Unfortunately, while we the citizens should be considered their bosses, we don't have the power to give the commands. It's like the cops are working more for the Mayor's interpretation of city codes than for the people who actually live in this village and provide the means by which their salary is paid. I know there are some good human beings out there in police uniforms and riot gear, so I want to empower you to demonstrate your abilities to us, and to challenge those cop cowboys out there to get some counseling. Why? Because we are getting profiled, intimidated, sprayed, sticked, and some of us shot at, by the people who should be out there serving and protecting us.

Peace out, fellow human being, I wish you the best of luck in your difficult task.

the problem is... 22.Aug.2003 11:18


The problem is that people are too quick to hate. And yes, hating cops does count as hate. If it weren't for people like teachers, and cops,etc. out cities wouldnt be the places that they are. They do protect us, and yes there are bad cops, but guess what theres bad protesters too, and it really pissed me off to hear the people yelling at the cop who was overweight, I think i would have peppersprayed those people to make them feel the pain that they could be causing that man bcuz of a physical apperance. We need to start treating people like our friends not enemies all the time. The cops - in general- are not our enemies. Time are tough now and maybe some of those people have no other option of work, and maybe they want to feed there kids....

Don't hate the cops.... 22.Aug.2003 11:32


They are part of the state of oppression that keeps us all down. It is easy to hate the cops, that is what the power establishment wants us to focus our anger and agression on. Don't fall into the trap!

good job 22.Aug.2003 12:28

Ben Maras

I must say, I have to give my deepest respect and thanks to all of the cops at UofP, and all of the fellow protesters. It could have easily turned ugly, but it didn't.

In the best intrest of keepin positive, I won't get into what happened to us once we got back to Columbia Park...it just goes to show that there ARE bad cops as well as the good ones who were at UofP.