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Breaking news archive from A21 Bush protest

as reported to indymedia via cellphones from the street during the day....
breaking news
21-Aug-2003 15:03:people have mostly dispersed from Chataqua and Lombard.
21-Aug-2003 14:49:Columbia Park is now closed, pepperspray was fired, people being herded down Lombard and surrounded and around 300 folks are stopped at Chataqua and Lombard. some unconfirmed arrests.
21-Aug-2003 14:02:Standoff at Woolsey and Lombard after protesters tried to stop a Donor Bus and now protesters are being surrounded at Columbia Annex Park. 14:14 report that cops are dispersing
21-Aug-2003 12:52:12:52 Presidential Motorcade is moving. 1:10 footage of him at airport. He's supposed to arrive in Redmond at 2 pm
21-Aug-2003 12:23:12:23 Police report that huge numbers of protestors are heading somewhere unknown. 12:47 Police note that protestors angry and heading downtown. Police told to take an hour lunch break and re-convene downtown for afternoon festivities.
21-Aug-2003 12:08:11:53 KBOO: Woman arrested, around 40/50 yrs old, after climbing the 4 ft barrier. By the bluffs an american flag has been burned
21-Aug-2003 12:06:11:47 Amy Pincus Merwin assaulted by Channel 8 videographer outside Chiles center after she wasn't allowed to bring her audio gear in, although another KBOO reporter did get in with video.
21-Aug-2003 12:05:11:40 KBOO reporter inside Chiles Convention Center waiting for speech Doors are being tightly shut "to avoid getting teargas into the building." snipers on top of the Chiles building.
21-Aug-2003 11:43:KBOO reports that white house Resident has arrived at U of P, amid thousands of "boos".
21-Aug-2003 11:23:11:18 portland IMC reporter was denied entry to the presidential luncheon, along with the reporters from Street Roots and KBOO who had gotten credentials ahead of time.
21-Aug-2003 11:22:Police report that group of "anarchists" have broken off from main march and travelling rapidly to U of P.
21-Aug-2003 11:10:11:05 KBOO reported that presidential Plane has landed and motorcade is heading down WA State Hwy 14 is the travel route, and that hwy is closed down right now.
21-Aug-2003 10:56:10:46 March has split at Menlow and Willamette, heading up Menlow. One person was detained. The other marchers just reached a barrier on N. Harvard St and Willamette where Pro-Bush "Love it or Leave it" protesters are.
21-Aug-2003 10:21:March has begun, and police are reporting a "critical mass" ride in progress elsewhere!
21-Aug-2003 10:04:Portland Indymedia Web Radio is now live on the air with coverage of the Bush protest.

*crack* 21.Aug.2003 19:49


That's right, folks, the news is officially broke.