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KATU takes a walk on the real side - right…

Watch out, corporate media outlet KATU infiltrated the free media.
Watch out, corporate media outlet KATU infiltrated the free media. From what they say "KATU's Paul Bukta provides a unique glimpse of the protest from his vantage point marching within the crowd."

This is a bullshit way to makeover the corporate media image of Portland.

Read it, they also have it on video KATU takes a hike

homepage: homepage: http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=60088

Get Over Themselves 21.Aug.2003 20:47

North Portlander

I saw this on K2 this evening and the way it was handled was just too clever and self-congratulatory. "Our reporter infiltrated the murky and secretive world of the protesters!!" Talk about channeling Geraldo Rivera . . .

I Agree: Get Over Themselves 22.Aug.2003 02:50

Rian Snider RianSnider@yahoo.com

I agree. I felt the report in and of itself was surprisingly fair, in the sense there was few moments of "wow, look at the crazy protesters rioting". So, it wasn't the bias that irked me, it was the whole "unrestricted access from the inside" bullshite, as if citizens expressing our 1st Amendment rights were akin to a den of suspected mafia lords or something. It kinda reminded me of a really cheesy 30's pulp fiction tagline.

Bukta 22.Aug.2003 15:23


Is always fair. He's by far the best reporter they've got. Many reporters and photographers are at opposite ends of the political spectrum from the people sitting at the desks at most stations (not so sure about Fox). In KATU's case, Paul Bukta consistently leaves out the conservative hype that KATU's army of ignorant blondes dribbles out of their superficially smiling and nodding heads. Speaking of ignorant blondes, have you seen their new boy John Capell? I don't care who his dad was, he's horrible. Is he trying to sell a Mercury Capri or report the news? Brad Pitt in "Snatch" was easier to understand than that smarmy mumblehead...

Aimee Clark needs to follow the yellowbrick road looking for courage,
Corinna Allen needs to tag along to find a brain,
John Capell needs to tag along just to get abducted by winged monkeys and get him the hell out of PDX...