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starbucks and cops

starbucks and cops
" I sure could use a double vanila late before I crack someones head open"
Just had to post these 2 pics. Enjoy.
Did you enjoy? 22.Aug.2003 06:45


Did you enjoy the picture where I was showing the officers my I.Q.?

officer identified 22.Aug.2003 07:48


if you look at the "starbucks" photo carefully, you can see the "business card" of the PO attached to the bicycle, above the coffee cup. looks like Officer K. Fxxxxxx #27341

And, your point is ... ?? 22.Aug.2003 08:13


I really don't understand the significance you place on the photo of the Starbucks cup. A police officer has a Starbucks cup in the bicycle cup holder ... so what? A working person isn't allowed a break to enjoy the beverage of their choice?

Wow... you identified the officer 22.Aug.2003 09:53

Your mama

Impressive that you can read. Moron. Did you know that all Portland Officers have names? They are your police officers (assuming you have a job and pay taxes) and you can get their names. I heard a yelling man yesterday questioning why some police wear name tags, but not the riot police. Well, allow me to reply. Most of the officers WERE actually displaying their names as per policy. The ones that weren't were most likely the guys in black. You know, the ones that have to wear pads and extra equipment because its "okay" for the protesting public to throw things at them.... Quick question, why do you bitch if they spray you? Are they not human? Do they not feel your frozen water bottles, golf balls, rocks, and other projectiles. I would give my left nut to see them do to you as you do to them for just 1 minute. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say. How come none of the protesting public have their names displayed??? Sure, I'd like to know which officer plugged me with a rubber bullet or a bean bag. But if I was on the other side, I'd like to know who hit me with a rock or a steel pole disquised as a sign holder. Not one of you people had names displayed. Every single officer wearing a blue uniform had their name displayed. Almost every single bike cop had his or her name displayed. Oh, did I mention the people who cover their faces? Sure, maybe a couple cops had something on their faces to protect themselves... but they took them off as the crowd dispersed. I saw a bunch of people leaving the area still wearing their face covers. Are you afraid someone will see you? Anonymity does not work for a cause. I can understand if you don't want your boss to see you... but if that's the case, maybe you should quit. Why are you working for someone who won't allow you to speak your piece. Oh, you probably don't have a job. That's funny.

nametags 22.Aug.2003 10:04

teddy ruxpin

Actually, the riot cops had their nametags on too if they were PPD, it is one of the policies of the PPD and they generally stik to it (just like the reflexive recitation of their badge number, they are trained to rattle it off instantly whenever asked). The riot cops without nametags were from the state police, multnomah county sheriff, vancouver police (which begs the question: do they have any legal authority in this state to perform police functions?) and salem police. There is no state law about their nametags, just a city policy.

They are not saints,m but they seem to have bowed to the intense public pressure put on them in the past and have become anything but anonymous.

one last shot 22.Aug.2003 10:21

Teddy Ruxpin

"They are your police officers (assuming you have a job and pay taxes) " ~~~~~ Wrong dude, just plain wrong. Although I own a business and pay taxes (every time, on time, with no silly-ass "SUV" deductions), I do not have sole right to police protection. These police are all of ours, you, me, the homeless guy on the street, the kids too young to work, even the criminals. People like you who think their economic status gives them the right to police protection, access to public services and free speech are part of the problem, not part of the solution. These things are rights guaranteed to us by virtue of just being born here, immigrating here or even just visiting here from abroad for a few days. We have abandoned the early days of our country when only white male landowners could vote, and are slowly working on abandoning a system where only white male landowners can enjoy other civil rights like police protection.

If taxpayers are the only ones that should be protected, then explain why the Boston Tea Party holds such a grand place in out social history (it was, after all, a tax revolt).