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Anti Bush Arrestee Arraignment Friday

Support anti-Bush arrestees at arraignment, 2pm at Community Court in Justice Center
Notorious shitbag, Sherriff Bernie Guisto, decided to hold all the anti-bush arrestees until arraignment. Show your support and greet our brothers and sisters who have suffered at the hands of the vile pigfuckers in the Ministry of Love. Arraignments are scheduled to occur around 2pm in Community Court in the "Justice Center", 1120 SW 3rd.
and $29,000 Bail! 22.Aug.2003 01:57

headblownoff@fastmail.fm headblownoff@fastmail.fm

We call on all Comrades and Demonstrators, specifically those who were there today in the Columbia Park annex [when the police forces operating under the "authority of the State of Oregon" openly attacked the non-violent citizenry], and those who shall feel it right to stand up to fascist policies of discriminatory justice anywhere!
. . . The initial individual who was assaulted and arrested, a thin, frail young man with short blond hair has been detained with extremely serious charges. Maybe you remember seeing his face shoved into the asphalt by 8 large Aryan police officers, maybe you were there? This was the first of two arrest that I am aware of which took place at this location (the other one being a poor young girl who was pepper-sprayed and as well assaulted by 8 large Aryan men). My comrade has been detained with 3 charges and his bail has been set at $29,000; an amount unheard of for these type of events. We need you, fellow Comrades and citizens who care for the rights of all individuals, to join us in an act of solidarity by showing up this afternoon, Friday, 22 of August 2003 at 2:00 PM at the downtown "Justice Center", courtroom #4. The Justice Center is located at 1120 SW 3rd and it is the building with all the quotes engraved on it about "justice" and defending your "freedom" and the one that operates as the headquarters for those men clad body amour who are ordered by the State of Oregon to attack the citizenry when they speak for their freedom. Please as many as possible, let's be there, let's pack that courtroom! Let's show support for this comrade and the 7 others who will be having arraignments in the Justice Center, courtroom #4 at 2:00 PM today! They have a constitutional right to have witnesses!