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imperialism & war a21 bush protests


Please sign this! This is run by Democrats!! Not that they are the new shit, but they are doing what they can!!! It's that big of a problem!
as well 22.Aug.2003 07:02


I actually support this 22.Aug.2003 10:48


If only as a way of helping to get the blind and apathetic middleclassholes to understand that Bush was the worse president we've ever had.

Get Bush out!!! 24.Aug.2003 12:17

Love child from the 60's andy0097@aol.com

We got Nixon out. Let's do the same to the Bush

bush/cheney were behind mark rich pardon 24.Aug.2003 15:44

nickdal nbdal19954@aol.com

mr."scooter"libby is vice president cheneys chief of staff, and was mark richs lawyer for 14 years and they are the ones that tricked clinton into giving him that pardon and then as soon as he got it they blamed clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched the hearings on c-span!!!!!!!!!! if you dont believe this ask the chairman of the bleck caucas in the house of representatives , he sat on the committee and exposed mr. libby under oath , libby had to admit the truth , but no member of the news media except c-span covered it that night on the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! contact representative elijah cummings ,of maryland, in u.s.house of representatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THIS TO EXPOSE HOW CROOKED CHENEY AND BUSH REALLY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING CLINTON BACK 28.Aug.2003 08:05


bush seems to think the american public isn't smart enough to know bravado(his billybob badass persona)from bravery.

The anti-christ if you are religious or just an "Evil Doer" if you are not! 31.Aug.2003 12:32

Eagle Eyes WJFW1@AOL.COM

I hope it is as many of you say that the American people are not sheep and will not be led down some erroneous garden path by "His Foulness" in the White House! This abhorrent, greedy, criminal has used Christ and all his principles to drape his obscenities, i.e., loosening environmental restrictions, billions of dollars in tax cuts to the very rich, stripping over 2.5 million middle America jobs... Yeah, thats right! Not just any old jobs. He allowed his intimate friends to rob and rape California in energy swindles and then did nothing to help when California appealed to the federal govt. to intercede. He is a military deserter....went A.W.O.L. from the Nat. Guard yet! This cowardly crud ball has the nerve to stand up like he has a dick that works (Cheney, perhaps) and spout his illiterate lies and sham to this beautiful country that he is systematically corrupting and violating and bringing low.... Lets recall now! I am ready. I will do anything! Write letters, campaign for a replacement...set me on a course. I need a new RELIGION after this bastard!

Impeach Bush! 01.Sep.2003 05:07

Alice Moriarty alicemoriarty@aol.com

I don't like Bush either but I wish my fellow opposition would not use foul language to express their feelings. It dilutes the message! California has some strange practices. I don't think "recall" is an option at the national level. How about the Ballot box? I think impeachment is a probably the way to go. Malfeasance in office the charge.

Language 01.Sep.2003 07:29

Aleene Phillips

You should not use bad languge pretaining to bodily functions if you want moral people to sign this petition!

Bush camp - Neo-Cons 02.Sep.2003 07:18

Diane edwinajr@aol.com

The Bush administration are a bunch of Straussian neo-cons. They are NOT republicans. Neo-Cons are very dangerous. The bush camp are part of a group called the PNAC - Project for a New American Century, who hold very disturbing and dangerous ideas for the future of America, about conquering the world, etc. (The plan to attack Iraq is an old one) and will only bring us down further than we already are. Get Bush Out of the white house before its too late, before the damage is permanent. And do not let their feighned religiousity message pull you in. They are masters of word manipulation and a fierce propaganda machine. We are not as dumb or gullible as they may think! Take back America--it is the people's country.

Christian morals? 23.Dec.2003 10:57

A TN Who was stupid enough to haved vote for the bastard

This is a stupid president,he has myself question my christian value's ,we are entering a era of wars,in the name of god as we did when America's was settle ,for the Bible never mention a person of red tone skin the leaders declared Indians not humans and slaughter them by the millions.........California even put a bounty on each indian head brought in. .......The european christian fought all moslems in the year of 1095ad to 1291 ad just to capture the Holy Land and Jerusalem just fore we did not want a moslem to be there.Almost 200 years.Our question is this stupid president trying this all over and his reward is their oil..................Bush trives on Death,it could have been his passing grade for his wife............He loved the power to order the death sentence being carried out as governor of Texas........American army death to our sons and daughters means nothing to them 400 going to 4000 his replty would be that nothing we lost 50,000 in Vietnam.......What has happen is all christians has turn the other cheek while Bush is saying it ok for God has sent him a Vision bull s**t.....Through the Bastard out, As long he in as president I shall not give the first Dime or go to a church till they open their eyes also.

GAS PRICES UP 05.Sep.2005 16:24


gas prices higher than ever bush getting richer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!