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photos of undercover cop at bush protest

photos of undercover cop

proof? 22.Aug.2003 08:28


And, your rationale for making this accusation is ... ?

You show photos of a guy in casual clothing, carrying a water bottle, walking near cops on the street ... along with several other citizens who are doing the same thing and dressed in the same way.

What makes you brand this guy as an undercover cop, his haircut?

From my perspective... 22.Aug.2003 08:51

Edwin Murcheson

He's always conveniently 'near' the black bloc. We've seen the same thing in Seattle (at LEIU and before). Here two plainclothes pigs blindsided a 14 year old kid who had committed the crime of winning (he'd been up on an awning and had gotten into the crowd before the pigs could get him). The pigs fear the anarchists, just as they feared the pre-White Power skinheads in the 80s. Wherever you see a black bloc, you're sure to see undercover pigs. It's axiomatic.

his proximity to sizer and meyers 22.Aug.2003 09:17


he's with sizer and meyers, the two commanders of the riot polic... er, "incident response". he kept his distance from them while the black bloc moved down the street. once the bloc was kept away from lombard and the "incident" was "de-escalated", then he re-joined meyers and sizer (who have just GOT to be sleeping together). he walked way too close to them and had way too intimate a conversation with them to just be a regular joe. from overhearing them and seeing the way they were talking they appeared to be de-briefing. maybe other people have pictures where he appears with the black bloc, too.

Also......... 22.Aug.2003 09:50


How many people thought it might RAIN or get COLD yesterday? Who would actually bring a heavy dark-colored (heat absorbing) sweatshirt?

Hmmmmmm, wonder if that sweatshirt ......DARK POLICE BLUE......has yellow lettering on the front of it that says PORTLAND POLICE.

Nice marine cut too!

Next time......try to get such guys to loan you their sweatshirts to get something out of your eyes........ and watch him stammer.

Injustice is not anonymous 22.Aug.2003 09:50


"Injustice is not anonymous; it has a name and an address." - Berthold Brecht

Cloak of night, warmth of fire.

just out of curiosity 22.Aug.2003 09:55

just as angry as you...

what fucking difference does it make???

to curiosity 22.Aug.2003 10:13


If undercover cops are photographed and those pix posted, they are more easily identified in the future. That's all. Know your enemy.

Oh, I Remember THAT Guy... 22.Aug.2003 12:42


...every time I asked him his name, he pinched his nose and went "Beep."

maybe a cop, but... 22.Aug.2003 13:38

will l

your post makes me really uncomfortable. are you sure the guy pictured is an undercover cop? what makes you sure?

the reason i ask is that i look quite a bit like him (top right picture in particular)
the only difference is that i was on a bicycle.
i'm around his age,
i'm overweight for my size,
i have short buzz-cut hair,
i was wearing dark glasses and a white t-shirt with writing on it,
i had a coiled shirt tied around my waist,
i was near black bloc some of the time,
and, last but not least, i stopped to talk with sizer and myers. i told them that they had done a great job of squelching our rights that day and it was fucked up. it took me a few seconds to say, so it could have seemed as if i were cozy with them, ie: a cop too.

the thing is i'm not. the guy pictured may be, however, there's a problem. as new politically active people (especially the predominately young crusty punk anarchists) arrive in portland, you don't know, and you're not likely to trust, those of us who are older and have been activists for years here. especially if we don't look the "part" to you.

judging by appearance is risky. you better be damn fucking sure that someone's a cop before making that accusation publicly. you can seriously damage a reputation based solely on speculation. that's wrong and it fosters paranoia. oh, and you're dreaming if you think undercover cops are only little round guys. they look just like you too. that said, it 's good to post pictures of people you're sure are undercover cops. just be careful.

it's so common to be branded cop and treated like shit because we're older and look different. it's one of many manifestations of ageism. it's tedious, stupid, hurtful and, most important, keeps you separate from those of us who don't wear the official activist-wear uniform. you know, we may be better allies then you can imagine. you'll never know unless you, like me, are open to everyone. let's all introspect long and hard about the myriad isms. i'll tell you this, they're alive and well in our activist communities.

think about this, most of the actions we plan aren't of such a secret nature that we can't be more open and inclusive. if what you intend to do is so important and can be compromised or busted then plan it privately. otherwise there's no need to worry, right?

end of lecture. there's no harm intended so take it for what it's worth.

p.s. appropo of nothing, i and two others, because we looked relatively "normal" and weren't contained inside the prescribed protest box, were able to get into the street and close (10') to the arriving motorcade. we saw the little bush shit waving and we flipped him off. we got into the street and close enough (15 to 20') to the departing motorcade to get jumped by a secret service agent. no robocops were anywhere close. we could have tried most anything. just thought i'd mention this. something to ponder for next time perhaps. oh do i have ideas. ok, bye now

will i 22.Aug.2003 13:53


hi will. i know who you are. this is your friend. neither of us look like black blockers. i think sometimes people think i'm a cop, too, with my shaved head and white t-shirts.

we followed this guy around for quite some time. he wasn't just "chatting" with sizer and meyers. no, you can never be positive. and yes, it's scary to be labeling people for cops when they might not be. but i'm pretty fucking sure.

i have other pictures of people that might be cops (and sometimes they look quite freaky), but i've never felt so sure as with this guy so i've never posted anything. still, i could be wrong about this guy. that's a risk i'm willing to take.

you're probably right 22.Aug.2003 16:18

will l

you may well be correct about the guy. still, it's a fine line deciding when to post these kinds of things. anyway, thanks for your friendly response to my comments.

actually the man pictured looks somewhat like the secret service agent who jumped me from behind, got me in a full nelson and pulled me quickly out of the street when the motorcade was leaving yesterday. i thought he was a pro-bush supporter gone crazy. it wasn't until later that i realized that he wasn't rabidly attacking me and he was very efficient. i hadn't noticed him and i never saw him coming at me. my friends did notice him earlier and they said he had been following us as we crossed portsmouth. we were about a 1/2blk north of lombard positioned in a cop free area so we could get close to the motorcade as it passed. he did his job well. luckily i was not arrested and he seemed to bear no malice towards me. he thought i was going to run in front of the limo and he said he'd probably saved my life, as they wouldn't have stopped. bicycle cops soon came onto the scene. one of them told my friend that there were undercover secret service agents posing as every kind of activist. lot's of them. more than we knew. hummmnnn, scary, if it's true.

proof 22.Aug.2003 17:06


skate does not describe the pictures posted just above his misdirection.

the Acid Test ... 22.Aug.2003 19:54

BlackPope BlackPope@operamail.com

... there are a few simple methods to test the pork-content of any would-be infiltrator:

1. Engage in casual chummy chit-chat for slightly longer than he is comfortable with

2. Ask him who he came with today, introduce over-enthusiastically to bunch of boisterous buddies

3. Take close-up holiday snaps, explaining they are for your website www.EliminateGestapoTouts.com

4. If his reactions have not by this time betrayed/certified his story, ask for official id, photograph this also

5. If no id is produced and he's still around, perform citizens arrest of an obvious chinese spy, press some trumped-up charges and have him properly id'd by the authorities and deported

This will increase security and general fun. Schalom, BP
Kirkuk Oilfusionus Interuptus
Kirkuk Oilfusionus Interuptus

jumping to conclusions 23.Aug.2003 15:03


again, not to beat a dead horse, but as liberals we do ourselves a disservice for making loose acusations. just because you are seen talking to a cop at a protest does not, prima facie, make this person an undercover cop.

We who white man? 24.Aug.2003 00:46

SE Steve

I'm no liberal - a liberal is a rich person with an art education!

If you want to oppose Bush, thats cool - but I still won't trust you. That is because a Liberal will betray you - at least you KNOW what a republican toad will do.

Not a cop 28.Aug.2003 19:24

A voice from inside

Yes, some of the activities of the Portland Police are reprehensible. Obviously they can't police themselves.
No, this man is not a cop. I know him. I could tell you where he works, but I don't trust your readers. It's frightening to think what some idiot might do to this man as a result of this brain-dead posting. Have you ever seen the 1991 Robin Williams / Jeff Bridges movie called, "The Fisher King"? Be careful what you accuse people of, especially in the mass media, some moron may decide to act upon your paranoid fantasy.

Not a cop II 28.Aug.2003 20:49

A voice from inside

Yes, the Portland Police need to be watched. And, yes paranoia is sometimes an accurate appraisal of the situation. But it doesn't serve it's intended purpose of protecting anyone. Hatred and fear breed hatred and fear. That's their game, hopefully not ours!!

not a cop redux 21.Sep.2003 13:05

moe bs

fyi - he is definitely NOT a cop. I work in the same office as him and it is not at the police bureau. So while it IS important to know your enemy and to be aware of whom the undecover law enforcement people are, it is a big waste of time worry about this inidividual in any kind of law enforcement capacity. If still in doubt just ask Alan Graf to have a look, Mr. Graf ought ot know who this person is.

We are all cops... (A view from the U.K) 05.Nov.2003 04:44

Dan The Power Sutton

We are all cops, some good, some bad, some indifferent.
As a society we have the ability to make change and add to the collective, both good and bad(free will). We can undermine, subtly from the inside and police our own society.
Have no fear to discipline, and to be disciplined, the power comes from within.

??? 05.Feb.2004 13:00

rtc music

please realise that you all are just as bad as the right wing and that extreame views are not good for the country as a whole but only for the small few that own up to these views. Putting a cop on the chop block is a reminder of others who accuse without proof. Don't be hypocrates. He is probably a cop and you may be 99% sure, but the Bush administration was probably 99% sure that there were WMD's. Get proof before you attack someone or else you may look foolish.

Not a Cop 06.Mar.2006 14:18


He is City Attorney Bill Manlove, NOT a cop. But he might as well be, since he represents them when they abuse protestors and other citizens.