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photo's of code pink's face off with the cops

i love code pink
thanks cp!

God it's really like a cartoon! 22.Aug.2003 08:32


I mean, seriously, these women in pink coming up against the men in black . . . who are the good guys? Not hard to figure.

I love Code Pink! 22.Aug.2003 09:07


Women against The Man!

Black v. White and Pink 22.Aug.2003 10:13


I think riot cops' uniforms CAUSE more problems than they solve at protests.

Black uniforms like that are supposed to intimidate suspects when they want to arrest them during raids. That's fine - intimidation is good in that situation. But when you have large crowds of generally peaceful people, the "jackbooted thug" look just angers them. You're going to have more problems than if the police just wore their normal uniforms, their blue windbreakers, or the yellow-jacketed bike cop uniforms.

Notice also that the Transportation Security Administration officers at the airports wear white shirts. They have a very important security function, but the white shirts calm down the generally peaceful travelers. The police should take a lesson from the TSA.

Thank you, Code Pink! 22.Aug.2003 10:29


You ladies are the coolest activists ever! Black Bloc needs to train with you.

a question 22.Aug.2003 11:11

c00kie c00kie321@hotmail.com

how can I get in on some of the action with code pink? I'd really like to be part of it.

Idea 22.Aug.2003 11:55


hmm...would it not be interesting if a group of us showed up at the next rally dressed very similar to the "men in black" you see there?

exactly 22.Aug.2003 12:07

Ben Maras

yeah Varro, I'm with you %110. I've been saying this whole time we wouldn't have a fraction of the problems we do if it weren't for the storm trooper look freaking people out and making them more nervous and agitated. Save the riot gear for actual riots, when they have to walk in amongst a barage of bricks and molotov cocktails to save people from getting hurt (after all, the police are hear to serve US). I'll even go as far as to say people may be less likely to resist arrest from a normal cop, just because the riot gear brings up a primal fear that makes people refute back to their reptillian brain (fight or flight), and people may act without fully realizing what they are doing.

what would emma think? 22.Aug.2003 16:07


I think that code pink is great. It was great when they jumped into the street as we marched to the university. The only problem I have with them is the fact that they exclude men from joining and seem to be anti-male. They quote Emma Goldman on their t-shirts, but they obviously don't understand the fact that Emma was against discrimination of any kind. She would be disgusted if she were alive to see code pink turning away men. I am a women by the way and to quote Emma and than refuse men the right to join your club is the exact opposite of everything emma goldman was about.

we welcome men 22.Aug.2003 16:48

Her Pinkness

Code PInk welcomes men and have some wonderful men in our group.

Code Pink Doesn't Discriminate... 22.Aug.2003 16:53

Portland Ponderer

Look at their website, they sell unisex t-shirts ;) Plus - many of their links are to sites made by *gasp* men!

I am sure if men wanted to join in with them, they would enjoy the support. I think their rhetoric is more to enpower women, a typically unempowered group, not to exclude men.


riot cop gear 22.Aug.2003 23:14


I agree that the riot cop garb is probably not helpful in deescalating tensions. Perhaps, if the popo dressed like clowns they would get along better with crowds. But, I doubt it would go over well with the folks with "clown issues". Still, it would be worth seeing once or twice.