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Cascadia unwelcomes Bush to Portland

At least 2500 people turned out to protest pResident Bush, dictator of the Corporate United States of America, in Portland. Popos made seven arrests and peppersprayed unarmed, peaceful citizens. Throughout the day, people called in with breaking news from the streets, which was broadcast on web radio and was posted to the website. For a full accounting of the events from witnesses and participants who are posting their stories and photos, see:

We were there today, and it made a difference. Not necessarily because Bush likely saw a few Sieg Heil salutes and bunch of middle fingers. And I doubt that we made a dent into the brainless pockets of patriotic sheep who clustered at a few intersections and front yards. Those of us who gathered made a difference with our solidarity, with our efforts to build a new community. The medics with water and Malox, the legal observers with their watchful eyes, the independent journalists with their cameras, and the anarchists who blocked the busses of rich fucks -- together we wove a web that over time will not be broken. [ Read more... ]

Dissent: Mission Accomplished
The Portland Spitune, aka "Tribune", ran the headline "Bush: Mission Accomplished" this morning. This counts as probably one of their most laughable wastes of ink ever, not to mention gross rationalizations and naked example of wishful thinking. If you call having a pResident being forced to not announce their presence to the local community, setup deceptive motorcade routes, require thousands of dollars of police protection, sneak in and sneak out of political speeches in their own country a successful mission, then I would have to agree with the Spitune. Otherwise, I would say what happened yesterday is the reaffirmation of what the administration learned the last time they were here. That is, people are aware of the miserable person and policy maker that pResident W. is and he should always expect to have to hide his face in shame. [ Read more... ]
[ More Media Criticism: Mad About Bias Rally Coverage ]

US Govt has No Legitimate Authority
Actual armored assault vehicles from Vancouver and from Salem graced the streets of the quiet residential neighborhood that Bush "visited" yesterday. If we really live in a democracy, as we have been told since grade school, then why was this necessary? Why did it take assault vehicles, tanks, military style weapons, and sneakiness to get "president" bush into our city? And why did he even come at all, if not to meet or to communicate in any way with the people who actually live here? This wasn't a visit, it was an occupation. [ Read more... ]

$29,000 Bail! Support Our Comrades in Court Today!
The arraignment for our 7 comrades abducted yesterday by the State's police force is Today, the 22 of August 2003, at 2:00 PM! Downtown Portland, Justice Center, Courtroom #4. It is at 1120 SW 3rd. One comrade is being held with $29,000 dollars bail! Go to this, support these individuals! The protest IS not over. Witness to our comrades in trial is our and their constitutional right! Civil disobediance is our BIRTHRIGHT! [ Read more... ]

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