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WTO: Portland Day of Action flyers

Fliers for the upcoming Global Day of Action Against the WTO
jpg version
jpg version
4-up fliers
4-up fliers
8.5" x 11" flier
September 13, 2003: Rally (noon) and March (1pm) from Holladay Park to downtown Portland, in solidarity with worldwide protests against the WTO ministerial in Cancun.
Help 23.Aug.2003 14:35


Can somebody tell me in a few sentences why people protest the WTO. Thanks.

a difficult request 24.Aug.2003 03:22

liberty for all

I'm afraid it is not possible to put all the reasons why a person might choose to protest the WTO into a few sentences because there are just too many reasons. And I cannot claim to speak for everyone but my largest concerns are that an unelected and secretive organization should not be able to override local and federal laws of any country and should not lack a system for accountability or oversight by citizens of any country. I also choose to protest an organization that supports moving toward the lowest common denominator in labor practices, human rights, environmental protections, and consumer safety standards. Do some reading on how the WTO has overturned laws in this country and abroad and what the effects of their interventions have been and you'll understand more. I hope that helps but here's some more reading if you're interested.


easy 24.Aug.2003 14:25


Quite simply it is the brain center for the neo-liberal colonial project that the governments and corporations are pushing upon the people of the world. Neo-liberalism is the reason for all this carnage that the US government is causing around the world. Don't think that it's just one particularly fucked up administration, Clinton did similar things as would Gore, there are economic reasons behind the actions the government takes. The war is just a symptom of the greater disease which is the current global capitalist system. Another reason is that it we be in solidarity with all the other anti-WTO demonstrations around the world which will number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

THIS IS HUGE! 25.Aug.2003 12:20

Billy Pilgrim

This is important. I can't wait for this protest. Can someone at indymedia put this on the front page in the near future please? We need this protest to be huge! The WTO is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. And that's a difficult title to have.


Therein lies the big problem....... 04.Sep.2003 22:40


99% of Americans have no idea what the WTO is...... Heck, I am not sure I know how to describe it.

But until the people understand what it is and why there's a problem with it (which means WE have to educate NOT refer people to websites), nothing will change.

It's a sad day when a prez candidate has to say, truthfully, that we can't require fair and equal labor and environmental standards with our Nafta partners because it would be against the LAW under the WTO....... Say What??????? Social and environmental justice is against the friggin law? What planet am I on?

We need talking points......clear, concise talking points........

Heck, I wasn't even aware of the problem with the WTO until the riots in Seattle. I was all......what's the big deal, man?! And I consider myself fairly informed. Now I know far more than I ever wanted to know. (Thanks goes to Seattle!)