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Bush protest pictures

Police protest pictures from the last part of the Aug 21 protest
This shot is just form one angle, there were other rows behind the photographer. I count 37 police for three protestors in this photo, and with the other rows (the photographer was behind the police having just been pushed out of the park), the ratio came out to around 110-150 police surrounding these three peacably assembled protestors.

Exactly how much resistence did they expect these three to put up?
Fiscal Irresponsibility 23.Aug.2003 23:07

Tsk Tsk

Really councilman Francesconi

And you want to be Mayor

I hope the voters of Portland are smarter than you are.

How can we see more of your pictures? 02.Sep.2003 09:44

Chris O'Connor chris@jhoffman.com

Our law office represents a person charged with resisting arrest in Columbia Park during the Bush protests on August 21. We are hoping to speak with people who witnessed, videotaped or photographed this arrest and the events leading up to it. We have seen some photographs and videos of the scene, but we know there are other people out there who saw the events firsthand. If you witnessed the arrests in Columbia Park that day, please contact us.

This particular arrest occured around 2:15 pm in Columbia park. Our client is a middle-aged caucasian male and the arrest occured near the edge of the street.

If you have any information, photos or videos related to this event, please contact me at  chris@jhoffman.com.