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Request for help from Cancún

We are writing to you from Cancun, Mexico because we urgently need your help. People from Mexico, Central America and all over the world are converging here to derail the 5th Ministerial meeting of World Trade Organization, scheduled from September 10th - 14th.
September 3, 2003

Dear family and friends,

We are writing to you from Cancun, Mexico because we urgently need your help. People from Mexico, Central America and all over the world are converging here to derail the 5th Ministerial meeting of World Trade Organization, scheduled
from September 10th - 14th.

The WTO threatens our communities, environment, and the basic structure of democracy. Its meetings are not open to public comment or ratification. Its agreements enforce the rights of corporations to privatize all public services like water, electricity, healthcare, schools and more; to patent plants and life itself, to spread genetically modified seeds all over the world and to force small farms out of business in favor of industrial agriculture.

The WTO rulings override national laws and constitutions. Any environmental regulation, labor law, safety regulation or finance law can be ruled a trade barrier and member countries can be sued and required to change laws created by
citizens for the public good. The WTO in effect, places its own authority above that of any government, any constitution or any democratic constituency.

There are about a hundred of us in Cancun now taking care of all the logistics of housing, medical, legal, food, transportation and clean water to drink. We are also working hard to shift the media coverage to the key issues and express why we are here. We are organizing trainings, puppets, creative actions, and an eco-village that will provide a model of sustainable design to the encampments.

We are doing everything we can to care for the needs and organization of thousands people who are coming here over the next week to speak out and demonstrate against the WTO.

This is a critical moment. The WTO is coming to this meeting on the run: they haven't met any of their deadlines, the ministers from the underdeveloped countries are resisting the agenda of the dominant countries, they're meeting in an
isolated part of Mexico and filling the city with police, military and all the accompanying threats to public security. We intend to keep them on the run.

We need water, copies of fliers, supplies for our banners and enormous puppets, and medical supplies. Leftovers will go to support local organizations, assuming you don´t receive another letter asking for bail money. If you would like
to be with us, and can´t, you can still join us financially. Your money will make a huge difference. All funds will go to the needs outlined below.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The Organizing Committee

We need:

$1000 for Medical to rent the clinic, buy supplies and get a phone.

$1000 for copies (it´s really expensive) but we need to copy leaflets for the neighborhoods, maps, legal handbooks

$ 1,000 for water for the convergence and street. It is about $1.60 for a 5 gallon jug. We are going through about 5 jugs a day in the convergence space and we are still a small number of the people coming.

$ 700 for IMC Street Communications, for bikes, etc.

$500 for supplies for the Convergence and Art space

$500 for Media for fax blast, phone and internet

$2500 to rent a school near the encampment that has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which can house up to 50 people.

$500 for Food Not Bombs, to get a place with a kitchen and get food. (They have already raised $500)

So we are looking for about $8000 more dollars.

We have already raised about $20,000! We have rented a great Convergence space, secured sleeping places for about 80 people, gotten 3 buses for students and money for the campesinos, some phones, art supplies, and we have raised money to set up the Eco-Village.

TO SEND MONEY: (Please if you can, email Lisa at  fithianl@igc.org to let us know what to expect, thank you)

To Make a Tax-deductable donation, send a check to:
Daughters/Sisters Project
(Make check out to Daughters/Sisters, earmark it RANT)
PO Box 4492
Rolling Bay, WA 98061
EIN: 91-188-5041A

All non - tax deductable contributions can be sent directly to:
RANT, 1405 Hillmont St. Austin, TX 78704
Please specify in the memo field how you want your money used for the WTO Ministerial mobilization. ie. buses, permaculture project, convergence space, general

To Wire Money:
Compass Bank, 2401 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704

RANT Account # 0014433716
Routing # 113010547
Send us money! 04.Sep.2003 07:35

Pina Colada . . .

Send us money so we can vacation in Cancun. We don't actually want to earn the money for our vacations, but we have no problem begging for it!

Pass me another Cervesa Corona!

this is not a vacation 04.Sep.2003 14:31


Your comment is ignorant.
As someone on the ground in Cancun from the States, this is not a vacation.
We are asking for money to help support the thousands of campesinos, Mexicans and internationals coming to Cancun to protest this global monster.
It would be MUCH easier , and more comfortable, to stay in the States and watch it all unfold from afar.
I hardly call being in a cloud of militarized tear gas, facing deprtation or Mexican jail a vacation.
I dont drink beer or pina coladas whether in Cancun or in a bar in Portland.
We are working very hard with little sleep to act out for justice and against oppression.
What are you doing besides complaining from your cushy American home?

I know you guys are working hard...... 04.Sep.2003 15:01


But, gosh, how's about some pre-planning re funding next time?????

It's only scheduled EVERY YEAR........

Heck, one fundraiser in Seattle would provide plenty......

No, I am not wiring money to a group that John Ashcroft may declare "terrorists" no matter how UNTRUE that is.

Once again.....DISORGANIZATION bites us in the butt. Great........ And the next protest we have here, say in Portland, when I get boo'd and shot down for wanting to ORGANIZE, I wlll just flip you guys off! Harrumph!

Vacation in Cancun 06.Sep.2003 09:03


I'm sending money to RANT

John Ashcroft can just come and get me-- I'm old, so if they put me in jail they won't make me work, I'll just read and write.

Disorganized? Looks to me like the most supreme organization ever of the world (Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon) is unravelling. How can we be so critical of a bunch of IMC folks who are basically anti-organization? Are we supposed to become like the enemy.

Go for it guys.