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CKUT Radio: Confronting the WTO Ministerial in Cancun Mexico

Listen to an interview with Aziz Choudry of the Popular Mobilization Against the WTO in Montreal and Tom Hasen an organizer with the Mexico Solidarity Network currently in Cancun about the grassroots mobilization to confront and oppose the World Trade Organization Ministerial meetings which are set to take place in Cancun from September 10th - 14th.

A popular mobilization in opposition to the WTO Ministerial meetings which represents many different sectors will continue their struggles against capitalism in different ways in Cancun: peasants, indigenous and black communities, trade unionists, students, women's movements and environmental organizations are taking to the streets to oppose the WTO. This mobilization follows a strong resistance of thousands of people who took to the streets of Montreal against the WTO Mini-Ministerial meetings which took place at the end of July.

Cancun has been turned into a militarized city with upwards of 20 000 police and two navy frigates on hand to attempt to suppress the massive demonstrations planned to take place in the coming days. There are indications that the coming WTO Ministerial meetings are set to fail, given the heavy disagreements of WTO member countries over the agricultural subsidies maintained by G8 nations which are responsible for crushing many agricultural markets of countries and communities throughout the global south. Those organizing to confront the WTO are also highlighting the link between the WTO's economic policies to the continued displacement and poverty of indigenous peoples and communities throughout the world. Thousands will be taking to the streets of Cancun to reject the legitimacy of the WTO and call for it's abolition.

-> To listen to an interview with Aziz Choudry & Tom Hasen on the Cancun mobilization visit:

-> Visit the Peoples Global Action Network's page on the resistance to the WTO Ministerial in Cancun at:

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