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Should Saturday WTO Protest be at top of Feature Page?

Should Saturday WTO Protest be at top of Feature Page?
like other big protests?
Just a thought, but it seems like this should have one of those flashy red, always on top feature things, or have a link from the other WTO feature stories or something.
Yes! 11.Sep.2003 18:31


Showing solidarity with the world wide opposition to neo-liberalism is more important than protesting the dip-shit president, if the Bush protest got top feature status than so should the WTO protest.

It should be on top 11.Sep.2003 20:01


I agree....It should be on top.

When and Where and time 12.Sep.2003 12:19


When where and what time is the to protest?

YES. 12.Sep.2003 13:23


the protest is saturday at noon i think, and it's at holladay park over by lloyd center. there's a posting about it somewhere...but it should be a top feature. i'm gonna be there.

Ummm.. 08.Dec.2005 07:21


I hear it starts from WTO building and ending at the federal building. I could be wrong and ive been putting up flyers saying WTO building. Well... I know its gonna be huge.