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Cancun WTO 9/14 update - WTO Talks Collapse! We Win!!


WTO Meetings collapse Almost an hour after the official announcements from the developing countries the jubilant atmosphere within the convention center is continuing. Delegates and NGO representatives are regarding this as a victory of the developing world and many can be found embracing each other with teary eyes. Manifestaciones Cancun contra la OMC / Cancun WTO Protests News From The Streets in Cancun / Noticias desde las calles de Cancun Inside Castle Gray Skull, Last Minute Fights Over WTO Ministerial Text The draft text that was released yesterday has been strongly condemned by third world countries and NGO's. Late last night a number of countries were brought in to a late night green room meeting which started sometime after midnight and lasted about 5 hours. The US and EU are trying to break down the G21's resistance and tear apart the coalition which has been keeping the negotiations focused on Ag and Development issues. Unidad para derribar la fortaleza / Unity Brings Down the Fortress


As many as 10,000 people attended today's march and rally to demand the end of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to commemorate the death of South Korean farmer and activist, Lee Kyung-hae, who took his life in protest against the WTO's agricultural policies. When the march came to the police barricade at kilometer Zero, the heavily constructed mega-fence was largely dismantled by an all female activist crew with an anarchist security cordon, and finally tumbled by a Korean-led contingent of hundreds of other activists. La OMC a punto de colapsar / WTO talks on verge of collapse El vocero de la OMC Keith Rockwell esta realizando una conferencia de prensa en donde ha confirmado que solamente un acuerdo de ultimo momento puede salvar la conferencia ministerial. WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell is currently holding a press conference during which he confirmed that only a last minute compromise can save the Ministerial Conference.