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Cancun wraps up


Cat And Mouse on The Streets Of CancunAt 1pm on the final day of WTO talks... a group of about twelve stepped out onto the road insisting that they were going to walk through the zone to various bars and cafes on the other side of the Conference Centre. Merely stepping into the road alerted the security services and the police that something was up... after half an hour or so they finally penned all activists into cages surrounded by police [image] on the road and negotiations for their release began - to be quickly interrupted by another small group of activists lying in the road blocking more traffic... And then the announcement came: The Kenyans had walked out of the talks and the 5th ministerial of the WTO had collapsed! The Kenyan delegate had only good things to say about the street actions including "If it was not for the protestors outside on the street, we would not have been able to shut down these talks"...


Cancun News and Analysis from Inter Press Service / Analisís y noticias desde Cancún por Servicio InterPress After five days of squabbling, world trade talks in Mexico collapsed abruptly on Sunday amid demands by poor countries that agricultural subsidies in the EU and the U.S. should be eliminated. Learn about what went wrong and what next in IPS. Developing Countries Pull Out, WTO Talks Collapse Social movements celebrated victory Sunday afternoon as the 5th Ministerial meeting of the WTO collapsed when the developing countries, led by Afican delegates, walked out. Through an unprecedented alliance, backed by worldwide protests, developing countries achieved near equal footing in this week´s meeting while rich countries failed to impose their will.