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interest in a cancun report back?

are people interested in a report back about street actions during the wto protests in cancun?
I just returned this past Thursday from the WTO protests in Cancun. I'm wondering if people are interested in a report back of any sort?

KBOO isn't really interested, nor is the Alliance. So, if there are a few folks who'd like to hear one persons eye witness account we can work out a time and place to share some impressions, stories and a few photos from the street actions Mexico.

It would help me to talk about some of what I experienced. We may also be able to discuss how what took place there relates to the activist scene here in Portland. What models may transfer to our actions and ways of doing things, where we fit into the global justice movement, etc.

This is all simply an idea at this point. Please let me know, via responses to this post, if any of you want this.



yes please, will 23.Sep.2003 00:32

Daniel Y.

i think it would be great to hear from you, Will. perhaps something public yet casual at the Red and Black some night?

Yes 23.Sep.2003 01:47



Arkansas IndyMedia Would Like a Report Back Story 23.Sep.2003 10:06

David Garcia dgarcia@arkansas.indymedia.org

If you have the time, we would really like to get a thoughtful look back at what went down in Cancun and some reflection on how the experiences down there could apply to organizing back here. So please write a story for  http://arkansas.indymedia.org if you can.

Also, during the Saturday afternoon Cancun action, I was listening to the radio broadcast from Cancun retransmitted via Portland IMC and thus was able to update Arkansas IMC with real time info. There was a Portland imcista giving live updates via cellphone that afternoon, as the barricades came down, updates that were powerful and moving. Thank you Portland Indymedia and much thanks to that individual imcista.

i can participate as well 23.Sep.2003 10:30

m2 m2@resist.ca

if you are interested, i can participate in this as well. i was the portland imc reporter who called in live via mobile from cancun. i also did a radio interview for portland web radio about my personal cancun experience (1.5 hrs, often silly) that you can listen to here:

cancun was an important learning experience on many levels, and there were lessons learned about tactics, community and solidarity (especially from the korean and chiapas activists) that should be taken back and utilized.

you can contact me via email.

Do it! 23.Sep.2003 10:48


How about thursday night at the red and black?
If this works for you, you should put up a little post on the site telling about when and where your report back will happen...

Radio? 23.Sep.2003 10:58


PDX Audio Collective could record it for radio airing if you can give us a date and time. Also, if Will wants to come into the studio and someone can vouch for him , that is also a possibility.

west side location? 23.Sep.2003 18:19


How about a west side, downtown location? I'm not familiar with the south section, and I take the bus from Vancouver. Am very interested in Cancun actions.

definitely interested 24.Sep.2003 19:58


hi will,

lookin forward to hearing your stories/reports from the frontlines. pleez let me know when and where...
bette lee

friday night report back? 24.Sep.2003 21:25

will levin

hi folks,

does friday night work for people? is the red & black or the back to back the place to have this? how does 7 or 8 pm sound? once i hear from all who are interested i'll call to find out which place is ok with short notice. when i know i'll post a new item announcing time, place, etc.

as for the written story. well, that will take some time. i write slowly at best and i'm still absorbing all that happened in cancun. attempting to convey a life changing experience in words is no easy task. we'll see about this request.

the idea for a radio interview is a good one, but i'm not to interested in being vouched for. i've paid dues in portland for many years. each wave of newer activists seems to require we older folks to prove ourselves time and again. it just makes me tired. i've done radio and news stuff for a long time too. in fact i still have imc and kboo press credentials from years ago. i simply don't use them much. i've put my butt on the line enough times that if there's a question about my okness, i'll pass on having to prove myself yet again. funny how portland doesn't change much. we go way overboard on security. i'm really not cool enough for this stuff any more.

Friday would work for me 25.Sep.2003 01:44


(Or most other times in the coming week or so, too)

...I would think a number of people would know you at kboo, Will. But don't get too offended by it ... assuming you're just talking about newcomers who don't know you and want some assurance of who you are before putting you on the air. (In fact, right now, I'm merely assuming that the Will Levin that posted this is actually the same person who I've heard on KBOO and seen at protests.) I don't mean to be dismissive, just concerned that you obviously seem put off by some rude or ignorant treatment.

Anyway, thanks for going to Cancun and for offering the report to us.

i will spread the word 25.Sep.2003 13:57


hi will,

i think there's a lotta folks who are interested in hearing your talk. i spoke with some indymedia folks (sophia, etc) and they are all interested. so pleez let me know asap and i'll let them know. friday (do you mean tomorrow) is fine, or whenever you can get the space. red&black is cool - they're in financial dire straits, so it would be good to support them.

looking forward to your talk,

bette lee

friday not so good 25.Sep.2003 23:01

will levin

hi again,

friday isn't so good after all. i need to arrange things in advance and then put the word out. that way more people can attend and we'll be able to have a good discussion as well.

thanks everett, bette lee and all the other folks for your support on this. maybe m2 and the other portlanders who went to cancun can participate too.

anyway, i'll work on pulling this together soon.



finally, cancun report back 09.Oct.2003 16:29

will levin

ok folks, finally, a cancun report back.

sunday 12 october 6pm

616 e burnside (iww hall)

you're all invited.