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Bush Visit to North Portland - The Local Take

From In And About: "While Republican donors sat inside the University of Portland's red dome auditorium and paid to see the President, area residents wondered out loud who was going to pick up the check for all the police overtime..." >>>

Some Comments:

I.M.Angry: My comment regards what happened after the protest,in the park annex. (Sorry,can't remember the name of the park-I'm new to PDX.) People were pretty peaceably assembled in the park-about a hundred of us,I'd say. I was standing out near the main road that divides the park from the annex .Everything was quiet- my feeling was that things were winding down and people were probably about to go home.Suddenly,out of nowhere,this cop in a riot hat (at least) comes flying through the crowd and jumps on this girl.Well, of course,all hell breaks loose.People are running around,freaking out,the cops are bugling at us to LEAVE THE PARK NOW OR FACE CHEMICAL AGENTS and basically the cops shut the annex down and threw us out of the park.When I attempted to get to the bus stop a few minutes later,I was prevented and threatened with arrest.
Why were we thrown out of the park? What law or statute did the PDX pigs use to justify their fascist actions that day?I heard later that there was a bus full of donors which was stopped by some anarchists (go,anarchists!)sitting in the street in front of it and that was supposedly the reason.This was also "reported" by the crap corporate media that night and never retracted or apologized for,that I know of.Only one problem,folks.I NEVER SAW ANY BUS. I heard the bus incident was at a completely different location.The popo were in rare form that day.
If someone was there that day and can explain to me what happened-did I miss something big or is this just more of the same?Has anyone filed suit?

We are the "cute little protestor wanna-be" kids who were very easily controlled and ineffective. We were easily handled and caused no uproar, and gave the PPB much reason to gloat about their great preparedness. Next time we need to, oh, actually get off our asses.