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Sacramento on your mind?

For those of you still thinking about what happened in Sacramento, come down to the Red and Black Café on October 27, 2003 between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 pm.
Unload what's on your mind and find out what fellow activists experienced while they were there. There's rumor that we will be able to view Indymedia videos from five long days of protest against GMOs and the WTO in the dry heat of Sacramento, California. The café offers beer, wine, good food and desserts (many of them vegan) and is located at the corner of SE Division and 22nd. For more info contact  jadeangle@riseup.net.
IMC Sac Vids 07.Oct.2003 20:28

IMC volunteer videoresistance@ziplip.com

Would love to show vids for you, but we already have a video showing booked that night at It's a Beautiful Pizza for the same time. Sorry

be careful 20.Oct.2003 23:10


anyone that was arrested or is suspected of crime in sacramento shouldnt attend this...it could just be bait. but fo rthose of you that just want to share activist stories, do it...be on the lookout that night will probably be extremely unsecure that night. pdx folks played a large role in those demonstrations, from the welcome center to the IMC site and the dedicated actions you are under surveillance and dont get caught, keep it up!

Don't Be A Paranoid Gimp 21.Oct.2003 14:40

J. Lawless ogre_lawless@hotmail.com

anyone that was arrested or is suspected of crime in sacramento shouldnt attend this...

Paranoia doesn't help the cause there, anonymous brother or sister. Sac PD, CHP and the Federales have a few more fish to fry these days than catching a few taggers up in Portland. Rest assured that if the cops had issue with you, they would have made a point of taking it up with you then.

Of course, whack-jobs like the above would tell you that I'm The Man, but can you really trust someone who says "hey, represent your cause, but don't show up for it later"?

fuck yourself
Yeah, um

about the cop issue 16.Jan.2007 14:09


I was there, and the popo's, heli's were everywhere. There really is a reason to be freaked out about what went down there. I've never had an experience anything like it. For those of you fellow activists who really took a stand direct action wise- keep up the good work. We need you to do it no matter whos watching.