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A21 Charges Against Amber Hicks Dismissed When Kruger Fails to Appear

Charges against Peace Encampment activist and police abuse victim Amber Hicks were dismissed at her 2pm trial Monday. Hicks was violently arrested by Portland Police Sergeants Kruger and Lee while strolling through a park on the day of pResident Bush's last visit to the Rose City on August 21, 2003. Sergeant Kruger failed to appear in court to testify. Today's action clears the way for Hick's upcoming civil suit against Kruger and Lee for their inexcusable violence and harrassment.

A more complete article providing background on the arrest can be found by clicking here:


pdx indy A21 video 10.Nov.2003 16:18

video fan

A video about the A21 bush protests is currently doing the circuit of the pdx indy VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE showings around town. i've seen it once -- it's awesome! -- and i think it includes footage of Amber's arrest.

I hope I'm picked to be on this civil suit's jury 10.Nov.2003 22:19


I sure hope I'm picked to be on the jury that hear's this civil suit. know beforehand that it'll be a slam dunk for JUSTICE. Freddie & Tommy haven't enuf $$$ to cover their share. Let the sheepeople of Portland pay for it. That's what they get for being asleep at the switch on their little democracy train. It's been in a dark tunnel for so long, they've forgotten what sunshine is really like! Praise God! JUSTICE will be had!

YAY! 11.Nov.2003 08:02

i was there when she was arrested

I'm really happy to hear this. Amber seems so sweet! It was just crazy what happened to her on a21. Those fucking pigs have no shame! Hounding and assaulting a young woman like this the way they did. They absolutely targeted her in advance. Those fuckers really ought to be ashamed.

May you kick ass at your civil trial, Amber.

congrats 11.Nov.2003 11:36


Yes, cop cowardice once again deals the side of truth and justice a winning hand. Unfortunately, Amber was brutalized and arrested. I hope the civil suit goes ahead well. Hopefully, Kruger's no show will illustrate the cops weakness to the jury.

This just goes to show that everyone needs to fight their charges unless they will assuredly lose. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. You'll still be found guilty in many cases, but at least you've fought.

What a bunch of cowards... 12.Nov.2003 04:58


They´re all big and macho in their black plastic goofball gear and stroking their truncheons when there´s a demonstration for global justice and humanity, but they cower in the cubicles when they´re called to court.

I´d love to see gun-nut white supremacist Freddie Kruger´s punk ass do some solid jail time, but I know that that is too much to expect from our "injustice" system. Doesn´t Freddy already have his three strikes?

What happened with Brandi's case? 12.Nov.2003 08:54


Please fill us in on what happened with Brandi.

RE: What happened with Brandi's case? 12.Nov.2003 18:24


Brandi was found guilty after showing 14 pictures showing her beat up body, video of what happened, and even had police reports that the judge would not let her use. Sitting in the court room we all could already tell what the judge was going to say before he said it.

this Kruger character...did you ever.... 12.Nov.2003 18:52

Tiny Tim

Speaking of this Kruger character, did you ever notice his teeth? Talk about White Trash, this dude is. Wonder if that
get's him in the KKK without having to pay dues?

no! didn't notice his teeth, but did his eyes... 12.Nov.2003 20:55


No! I ain't noticed his teeth. But have noticed his eyes. They got strange set to them. Remember the Bert Reynolds & Joh Vought movie years ago DELIVERANCE? Do you remember the local boy that was banjo picking? That's the kind of eyes I'm talking about! Talk about strange! Wow!

no 12.Nov.2003 21:17

Mark Kruger

To answer your question, no. I tried the bad teeth exemption for my Klan dues (hella paperwork) as well as the little penis exemption (more paperwork), but they said they'd be broke if they dropped dues for everybody with summer teeth and a little tweeter. Oh well.

I'm White Trash And I'm not in the KKK 14.Nov.2003 00:45

lay off with generalizations

Just because someone is poor, white, and lives in the country doesn't make it any more right to generalize and categorize them as ignorant KKK goers. If someone was on here stereotyping poor urban blacks as being crack dealing gang bangers, folks would have a fit. Come on, think about what you're saying.


A21 Bush Protest Video 25.Feb.2004 22:58


This video is now available online: