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Indymedia news summary of Miami protests, in downloadable PDF form for distribution

The corporate media has been telling lies about what happened during the protests in Miami. The only place to find out the real story has been indymedia. Help spread the word to the masses!
Print out this PDF, make copies and distribute it!

The photos are in color, but have been pre-treated to look good printed/copied in B/W.

preview of the above PDFs 25.Nov.2003 22:31

PDX Printistas

here are GIF previews of the PDFs above, so you can see ahead of time what you're getting. if you want to make copies and distribute, use the PDF above, not these, as these aren't print quality.

here's the previews. 26.Nov.2003 12:10

PDX Printistas

Download the PDF by clicking [ here ], make copies, and distribute.

Outrage 20.Jul.2004 08:48

Pamela Murawski pammur2@comcast.net

I see the end times have started in our country. The injustice and inhumane treatment of individuals must stop. Police brutality is not acceptable. It has gone too far. I am outrage beyond words. I educated myself in Criminal Justice for a reason. I wanted to have a degree that would provide me the ability to know as much as possible in order to make a difference. I wanted to work in the justice system. I have been able to find a job in the correction system. I now know why. They are so corrupt and evil they know I am not. They do not want me involved because they know I work for the Lord. Too bad!!! I have found a way by doing it anyway. Police are there to protect not abuse, hurt, or inflict pain. The police have no right to do what they are doing. This is as bad as the things hitler did during world war II. The police are working for Satan. What they are is murderers and they should be locked up and have the key thrown away.


torture and abuse within the prison system. 08.Sep.2006 23:13

stoney / wccw / 1987-1992 shannonmck@peoplepc

i was personally abused while doing time in wccw ! raped tortured / while trying to do my time . i brought a little suvenear out of prison with me / it's called post truamatic stress disorder!!!!!!! never got legal help or the such with this crime . it was 5 guards and 1 female guard instructing the male guards. they cut my clothes off and video taped it while my hands were cuffed behind my back. then all i remember is them all fileing out the door . and threw an orange zip down suit at me . [while i was naked ] and the next thing i remember is being on a steel toilet /// with a male guard sitting two feet from me stareing at me. you tell me this - is this doing time ?or being abused? life liberty and the pursuit of happiness !