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9.11 investigation

9-11, Watch Explosives bring down the buildings!!!

Here are 2wmv and 1 gif of the WTC being brought down with explosives. There is one wmv tha is of a controled demolition. Watch as the initial explosives generate explosive debris ( very fast moving cloud of "smoke"). Then look for the same thing in the WTC buildings. You don't have to be an explosives expert to see it. They must think we are idiots!
See it come down by explosive power.
See it come down by explosive power.
se how the pros do it.
se how the pros do it.
Watch for explosive debris!
Watch for explosive debris!
See Upload (if they work here) Bush needs to be in prision awaiting execution! Not running for president!!! What more basic right do we have than NOT to be blown up by our government?

Thank Goodness 21.Feb.2004 12:57


Thank goodness we have a pastor here at IMC willing to analyze the falling of the World Trade Center towers. The rest of the world has to rely on amateurs like the folks below who collected the data and wrote the ASCE/FEMA report on the disaster. They didn't even notice the explosives!

W. Gene Corley, Ph.D., P.E., Lead
Senior Vice President
Construction Technologies Laboratories, Skokie, Illinois
Expert in building collapse investigations; principal investigator, Murrah Federal Office Building Study.

William Baker, P.E., S.E. Partner
Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP
Expert in tall-building design.

Jonathan Barnett, Ph.D.
Professor, Center for Fire Safety Studies
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts
Expert in building fire safety design and fire computer modeling.

David T. Biggs, P.E.
Ryan-Biggs Associates, Troy, New York
Expert in facades.

Bill Coulbourne, P.E., S.E.
URS Corporation, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Edward M. DePaola, P.E.
Severud Associates Consulting Engineers, New York, New York
Expert in structural engineering.

Robert F. Duval
Senior Fire Investigator
National Fire Protection Association
Expert in fire investigations.

Dan Eschenasy
Chief, Structural Engineering
City of New York
Dept of Design and Construction

John T. Fisher, P.E.
Joseph T. Stuart Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Expert in metallurgy and connections.

Richard G. Gewain
Senior Engineer
Hughes Associates, Inc., Baltimore
Expert in fire engineering.

Ramon Gilsanz
Managing Partner
Gilsanz Murray Steficek, New York, New York
Expert in structural engineering.

John L. Gross, Ph.D., P.E.
Structural Systems and Design Group Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Expert in steel design and fire-structure interaction.

Ronald Hamburger, P.E., S.E.
Senior Vice President
EQE Structural Engineers Division, ABS Consulting, Belmont, California
Expert in structural analysis and design.

Nestor Iwankiw
Vice President, Engineering and Research
American Institute for Steel Construction, Chicago, Illinois
Expert in steel design.

Venkatesh Kodur, Ph.D., P.E.
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Expert in fire effects on materials.

Eric Letvin
Department Head, Hazards Engineering Group
Greenhorne & O'Mara, Greenbelt, Maryland

Jon Magnusson, P.E.
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, Inc., Seattle, Washington
Expert in structural analysis and high-rise design.

Christopher E. Marrion, P.E.
Fire Strategist
Arup Fire, New York, New York
Expert in fire engineering.

Therese P. McAllister, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer
Greenhorne & O'Mara, Greenbelt, Maryland

James Milke, Ph. D., P.E.
Professor, Department of Fire Protection Engineering
University of Maryland
Expert in fire resistance analysis.

Harold E. "Bud" Nelson
Senior Research Engineer
Hughes Associates, Inc.

James A. Rossberg, P.E.
Director, Structural Engineering Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, Virginia

Saw-Teen See, P.E.
Managing Partner
Leslie E. Robertson Associates, New York, New York
Expert in structural analysis and high-rise design.

Robert Smilowitz
Weidlinger Associates, New York, New York
Expert in blast effects.

Bruce Swiren
Hurricane Program Manager, Region II
Federal Emergency Management Agency, New York, New York

Paul Tertell, P.E.
Program Manager, Building Performance Assessment Team
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, D.C.

you're right clergyman 21.Feb.2004 13:29

time to ask more questions

Thank god we've had people expose the lies and/or incompetence of the official reports. After all, it was the FEMA/ASCE report which said that WTC 7 was brought down by fire only to be contradicted by Larry Silverstein who told PBS that WTC 7 was demolished. So the very serious question remains, how could all of these distinguished individuals ignore the obvious and issue an erroneous report? And perhaps the follow-up, what else have they been wrong about?

January 2003, indymedia report

WTC 7 'Pulled' By Silverstein, FDNY - Were Towers 'Pulled' Too?
January 2004, confirmation that WTC 7 was "pulled"

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire [int WTC 7], and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."
- Larry Silverstein

Semantics 22.Feb.2004 13:16


You say:
"WTC 7 was brought down by fire only to be contradicted by Larry Silverstein who told PBS that WTC 7 was demolished."

Then you go on to quote Silverstein:
"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire [int WTC 7], and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

In your opinion, "pull" means "demolish". Why? How do you figure Silverstein "pulled" the building? By attaching ropes to the exterior and pulling it down? Or by implosion? Imploding is not "pulling". Silverstein made a decision to let the building fall rather than risking more lives by attempting to put out the fire. This is obviously what he meant. Watch the documentary. Don't read the quote out of context on one of your conspiracy websites and make a moronic conclusion.

In any event, think about it. The fourth plane was targeting WTC7? Why? Think of the more rich targets. In NYC: Empire State, Chrysler Building, Citicorp, Woolworth. In DC: White House, Capitol Building. WTC7 has no symbolic value. Before arguing your position, take a step back and see if it makes any sense. I hope, for your sake, that you are just a naive kid. If you are an adult and you are still such an uncritical thinker, that's truly sad.

I'm sorry if this destroys your worldview 22.Feb.2004 18:24

actually I'm not

"We're getting ready to pull building 6"

Yes, it's mean demolish, clearly. Pretty poor attempt at obfuscation, maybe next time will be better.

for easier access 22.Feb.2004 18:53

for eveyone interested

"Oh, we're getting ready to pull building 6."
"We have to be very careful how we demolish Building 6."
"we're getting ready to pull building 6"

Not very well articulated, true 23.Feb.2004 16:03


My point above was not very well articulated, true. I'll try to be more clear this time.

If I understand it correctly, your theory states that the buildings were rigged with explosives (WTC1,2,7) and the airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania was actually headed to WTC7.

My questions:

1) how were these buildings rigged without the hundreds of security personnel seeing (with their own eyes and on security cameras) what was going on? Why would these near-minimum wage employees be a part of this consipiracy and not talk?

2) what makes WTC7 a worthy target?

I've pulled better arguments out of my ass 23.Feb.2004 17:33

not to be crude

But then this is what is to be expected from a disinformationalist troll such as yourself, trying to steer the discussion to ground you're comfortable with. Too bad it won't work.

Since you've dropped the argument I'm left to assume that you've conceded that "pulling a building" does in fact mean demolishing it and that Silverstein's admission to having the building "pulled" means it was deliberately demolished. Furthermore, this revelation destroys the credibility of the FEMA/ASCE report which claims "The performance of WTC 7 is of significant interest because it appears the collapse was due primarily to fire." No matter how many distinguished names appear on your list it can't change the fact they overlooked the obvious conclusion in favor of fantasy (like fire bringing down a steel building). Their credibility has been destroyed and the doors opened to the questions of what else they overlooked because they could not accept the implications.

I've not heard anyone except you theorize that WTC 7 was a target, so I'll just conclude that's a strawman argument and waste no more time with it.

As for whether of not the one of the directors for the company in charge of security for the WTC as well as Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, such as Marvin Bush, could have arranged the personnel rotations and schedules to suit a particular agenda I would further note that that is off topic and perhaps suitable for discussion elsewhere.

What we can conclude here is that explosives did indeed bring down WTC 7 and that the FEMA report was a joke, just as the "conspiracy theorists" as well as many respected engineers have been arguing all along.

thanks 24.Feb.2004 14:00


thanks for the WTC2 video.

for more information on WTC7 and the WTC1 and WTC2 demolition study team of the late 1980s that was disbanded (and sworn to secrecy), see:

9-11: secret RESEARCH TEAM disbanded in 1988 seeking ways to cheaply remove WTCs

Amazing Stuff 26.Dec.2006 19:47


The comments made and the passion behind the concern by americans regarding the facilitation of FEMA in denying factual evidence is totally justified. In fact, the inability of the government to consider the obvious brings us to think this is a coverup. If in fact these were terrorist acts, the first "investigation" would certainly be to identify who had access to the buildings to plant the explosives, when and through what orders they were placed. The fact the silverstein even slips in his comment about pulling WTC 7, indicates HIS knowledge of explosives and demolition that were in PLACE that day (for all the buildings)!

If this is true that he knew, then silverstein also knew about the hijackers who would stand as "patsy" to co-incide with the exact date to bring the towers down to collect insurance money? The fact that he took out the maximum benefit policy on the towers to include "terrorist attacks" just six months eariler... implicates this man in a way that none other are implicated.