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9.11 investigation

Left Radio: revolution NOW

Have you heard? Revolution Radio on now.
Cards on the table: I am a programmer on KBOO Community Radio, a 501(C)III educational nonprofit foundation. I use the instution to promote revolution.

I can see that there are many ways and means to revolution, and I have chosen broadcast information for my own part of the struggle, because (a) I have some skill in that direction and (b) I think that I can trust people to act on accurate information when it is presented in a compelling way.

Never heard KBOO? It's on 90.7 FM in the Portland metro area; that's between the classical music station and the corporations-are-OK station. Two to the left of the Led Zeppelin station.

KBOO broadcasts in this (Portland) area at an incredible 25,000 watts. The main transmitter can be heard in Salem, in St. Helens, North of Vancouver, East of Sandy--and it is worldwide on the Web, and there are translator towers as well. When I get on the air for a 30-minute program, I feel an obligation to do the best job I can.

I've been broadcasting on several topics; I keep coming back to imperial war--the last program was on the Iraqi Holocaust. However, I've also covered corporate global warming, pointing out that it's hitting harder and faster than we're being told (ever heard of megacryometeors? --thermohaline circulation?)...I predicted months before the fact that the anthrax came from Ft. Detrick...I frequently address the intersection of gender politics and capitalist oppression (who does the dishes where you live?)...and that's just one program on KBOO.

Of course, the programming sometimes sucks. I just endured a discussion of why the Miracle Ball Massage Technique was good for me (sigh). But the point is: we broadcast eco-, feminist-, left-perspective information every weekday morning, and evenings as well. And most of the programming kicks ass most of the time. So tune in.
what time is your show, Theresa? 26.Mar.2004 10:35

potential listener

p.s. i've also heard that Circle A Radio kicks ass.

yes it does! 26.Mar.2004 11:10

theresa m

Circle A Radio is GREAT--it's on in the evenings. Pull up KBOO.fm for a schedule. My show is on Thursday mornings at 9:30. You'll like Bread And Roses, too...and Andrew Geller's People Rise Up on Wednesday mornings...and Positively Revolting Talk Radio on Friday mornings....and stuff.

Listen to KBOO on Thursday 26.Mar.2004 11:22

Kim Sky

For me, Theresa Mitchell's show is the best show KBOO airs!! I've always wished that it would last an hour, instead of a half-hour.

Your show is called "Press Watch" ???
and airs weekly on Thursdays from 9:30 to 10:00 am. or has it been changed to 9:00-9:30 alternate Thursdays ???

AND Other KBOO shows I recommend are:

Radio Free Ireland -- Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:00 pm

Dharma Wheel -- Alternate Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Indian World -- Alternate Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:00 pm

KBOO rocks 26.Mar.2004 13:00


I love KBOO. My favorite programs are late Thursday nights, like Night of the Living Tongue and Stereo Obscura. It's by far the most diverse radio station on the dial. Right now they are doing a pledge drive, so everybody should call them up and give some dinero.

Being the media 26.Mar.2004 13:49


I love public radio too. Alway's have, at least since I discovered it some 4 decades ago. FM and public radio turned me on to Ram Dass, sex, rock, Dr. Demento, politics, fake media vs real, and on and on. I raised my kids listening to public radio music, and sure enough they have equisite and eclectic musical appetites.

So now I am a volunteer at kboo, and it is one of the most dynamic, fun, exciting experiences I've had. I'm giving back for all the years of listening and learning. I'm frustrated by what's not on the air, and KBOO is so diverse and delightfully lefty, so I'll contribute to another voice and version of what's happening.

You know if watch mainstream news or listen to commercial radio, you wouldn't know what you're not hearing. KBOO tries to fill that media void with alternative perspectives. The programmers are radically diverse unlike the typical homogenized radio personality.

So volunteer, pledge some $$.

If you're too poor to give $$, VOLUNTEER TO ANSWER PHONES for pledge drive 26.Mar.2004 14:38

glen "Ani Haines" <volunteer@kboo.org>

Ani Haines is the honcho for staffing pledge drive phones. Pledge drive continues through April 10th; shifts are 3hrs each. There's food for phone volunteers, provided by supporting local businesses, including vegan goodies. Extra hugs for people who arrive on foot, bike and trimet

20 SE 8th Avenue // Portland, OR 97214

Great show, Theresa 26.Mar.2004 16:19


I really enjoy listening. Thanks.

or start a pirate radio station... 27.Mar.2004 00:07


and not bother with the government regulating your content.

News Your Not Supposed to Know! 27.Mar.2004 02:34


Theresa's stuff is the pinnacle of KBOO programming: independent & vital.
More time should be devoted to PRESSWATCH and other unique programs.
Presswatch, listed in the KBOO program guide is on only 1/2 hour per week.

Encourage KBOO to increase time for unique news & public affairs 27.Mar.2004 02:38


KBOO is mostly a music station. Less than 25% of on-air time is spoken word: news, interviews, poetry, lectures, documentaries, talk radio.
Most of the music is pre-recorded CDs and if we're lucky, LPs!
The fund drive contributions show that the listeners support the P.A. -news/talk radio programs, overwhelmingly.

What's wrong with OPB? 27.Mar.2004 09:36


As much as I love KBOO, I also enjoy listening to some NPR programming on OPB radio -- so my question is this. Where do you guys get "corporations are ok radio" from it? NPR usually is the most balanced news I can find anywhere, not right leaning a la Fox news, and, as much as I hate to say it, anything on KBOO has to be taken with a grain of salt, as with these boards, because it's left leaning as well. Anyway.. just my two cents.


bring back some of the old fire? 27.Mar.2004 14:19

longtime listener

I've listened to Theresa's commentary on KBOO for years, and enjoyed it. It seems like sometime in the last few years she has lost something. I'm not sure if it has something to do with her physical changes or what, but there isn't as much fire and vitriol in her rants. Still good content, though I think she could be a little more radical, though being a licensed radio station you gotta be a little cautious. To me though, Theresa still just doesn't quite stick it to them with as much vigor as the old Steve did. Still listen and love it though.

KBOO: a bit questionable 28.Mar.2004 14:43


I agree with James... KBOO definitely needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I love the format, the uniqueness, and the variety of KBOO, but they're often extremely biased. KBOO claims that they want to provide a voice for the under represented, but they often seem to only cater to the far left. I'm about as liberal as people get, but I think that to provide truly indescriminate radio for under represented groups, KBOO would have to have some extremely conservative shows too.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't listen to KBOO. Just keep an open mind (even if it means considering the right's views) and scrutinize what you hear.

Also, I should say that I absolutely love the non-news shows on KBOO... Wednesday nights spent listening to KBOO are always a highlight of my week!

KBOO Does Not Cater to the Far Left 29.Mar.2004 19:39


I just love Theresa Mitchell - just right on all the time. I also enjoy some of the morning shows, Barbara Bernstein, Alan Graff and others. A number of KBOO'ers have varying opinions about politics and culture.