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15 Hours Later, Po-Po Still Mute

Fifteen hours have passed since the black man was killed by a Portland cop, & nearly nothing is known about what happened & why. Fifteen hours is a long time to determine, for example, if the man had a weapon. The man was dead inside his car, & the po-po is still investigating whether he had a weapon? Must be. Or maybe it's that the Division of Creative Spin does not have a night shift. Hey, Derrick. Hey, Vera. Was the man armed? Your silence is not helpful. Perhaps you are beginning to understand that there are a few psychopaths wearing PPB blue. That would indeed be hard to explain. I don't live in Portland, but the demand for Justice recognizes no boundaries, certainly not political ones.
We're waiting, ..... for the truth!

When they go this long, it only means one thing... 29.Mar.2004 09:18


Clearly this is yet another vicious police killing of fellow citizen for minor
infraction of road rules. The police are dragging this out so their union Preez
can help the killer cop and his partner get their "story" straight. PEOPLE, are
you going to let them get away with it? GET OUT IN THE STREETS AND KICK SOME

yep, sure sign of the spin doctors at work 29.Mar.2004 09:42

empire slayer

wow, they must be sweating bullets trying to figure out how to spin this one. unarmed man, car parked, african american victim, hmmmmm...how do we explain this one. maybe they are helping the murdering officer pack his shit up and get the hell out of dodge before the shit hits the fan. when will the slaves break their chains and refuse to submit?

Patience, Please... 29.Mar.2004 09:54


It takes time to plant a weapon that will be found during the umpteenth search of a car.

17 Hours 29.Mar.2004 10:13

Den Mark

Ah, yes. A weapon transplant. But hell, a surgeon could prob do several BRAIN transplants in what is now 17 hours. I was told by "the Chief's" office (all salute) that a press conference will be held this afternoon, but "details are still being worked out". I bet they are! I was also told that "officers have rights, too". How quaint. Press conference time & locus might be available later this morning, at 823-0000.



is a member of the brotherhood of the strong?

Can't Wait til May Day! 29.Mar.2004 10:40


Let's just hope the progressive community really hits the streets when the next North Portland anti-police brutality march is inevitablely called.

We should be able to help make the Kendra James march look small by comparison.

National Help Needed! 29.Mar.2004 10:58

outside the PDX box

If this killing turns out to be another Kendra James-type murder by police, the community has to stop dicking around.

We are in dire need of outside, nationally-recognized assistance. We need to put out calls to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and have them march with us and bring in the national press.

Maybe invite the family of the man murdered by the Cincinnati cops that set off the rioting there recently.

Only the glare of national news, however fleeting, is gonna bring the real heat down on the Portland Police and Mayor Katz.

Something's gotta be done in a big way soon!

I fully agree with "outside the PDX box" 29.Mar.2004 11:24


the only way Vera Katz is going to get up and do anything meaningful is to get outside help in here to
make LOUD NOISE! This incompetent old has-been politician is hoping to slide on out in her Lame Duck
term and NOT address the mismanagement issues she created. We can't let her leave with this Police force out-of-control as it is. Foxworth won't be retained by anyone that wins the election as incoming
mayor, as he'd be viewed--rightly so too--as part of PAST PROBLEMS. He was nothing but a sop thrown in
at a time Vera couldn't successfully "stage manage" Kroeker, and not meant to be effective...he was just
a guy with a local-face thrust into the position to quell the rising outcry...nothing more! It was all
political...had nothing to do with effective management and righting the many wrongs!

I've e-mailed Alex Jones and Jeff Rense this morning with all details that I had at time of mailing. I
have friends who are putting together a "press packet" to e-mail to a host of European news outlets. I
know that there may not be much to come of that, but one never knows...someone in one of those media outlets might take the matter and run with it...give the Portland officials a lot of bad press there?
At least it's a try! Who knows?

Those of us that can, should be e-mailing those "outside" of Portland that could raise hell on our
behalf...people who are activists, progressive, and despise the racism that reeks with the PoPi here!
If a good riot get's started, then I'm sure we'll be able to get a lot of interested press/media and
activists into coming here...so, maybe that's the KEY to our logjam? Maybe a riot in which the PoPi
overreacted ((we know they will...that's easy to foresee)) and show the world just HOW evil that they
really are is what will bring sufficient bad press here to force Vera to get up off her lazy ass and
do something meaningful? It's worth a try, I think? What's you opinions on it all? Let's hear it?

18 Hours 29.Mar.2004 11:30

Den Mark

I've been told that there'll be a press conference, for media only, at 1pm. That will be followed by a meeting with "key members of the community" (ministers, i assume; all bow heads), again, not open to the public. Please contact all progressives with press credentials to attend. Info at 823-0000.

Nearly 19 Hours 29.Mar.2004 11:49

Den Mark

I tried to learn location of the press conference, but "the Chief's" office thinks, but is not sure, it might be at "Justice" Center (what a cute name), & i could not get other than voice mail at the PIO office. I wish i had press credentials. I need to look into that.

A long, hot summer? 29.Mar.2004 12:01

reading history

In July of 1967 a riot broke out at Irving Park in the neighborhood that was a reflection of growing discontentment of the quality of life of the blacks. The riots lasted two nights. Two local pastors, Wendell Wallace and O.B.Williams, were called to walk the streets and try to bring peace to about eighty rioters there.

As Reverend Wallace recalls:
"On Sunday night in 1967 I was called by the Portland Police to walk the streets to get the kids to go home ... I called Mayor Terry Shrunk, and told him he better come to the park and talk with the young people because the kids were about to burn things up. The Wiedmer Brewery was already set on fire. He came and things calmed down."

OPB: Press Conference at 1pm 29.Mar.2004 12:07


OPB just reported a police press conference is set for approximately 1pm today on the laundry mat-lot killing.

national recognition 29.Mar.2004 12:34

yes, right on

but why sharpton and jackson... both of these guys are backing kerry

do you think kerry is going to do anything about the racist death penalty or police brutality. uh, those cops beating the peaceful protesters, they are protecting the likes of kerry, millionaires that are getting richer while more jobs are outsourced everyday.

Sure let's get Al to speak up and see if he can get Kerry to do something about it... lol

KUCINICH is in the state, why not ask him to come and speak out about it. Of course the media will ignore him, but it's not like jesse jackson is a media magnet.

Did you see the story about a general strike in Italy?
I don't know what it will take to get that to happen in the US,
but it seems like this event could be a catalyst for a general strike in Oregon,
at least in Portland.

do portland cops have cameras on their cars like cincinatti... remember that guy beat to death last year, the cops caught on film by their own cameras.

anyone know if those cincy cops were indicted?

Did you just see KGW's newscast of the cop pepperspraying 29.Mar.2004 12:35

the innocent man in the crowd?

A friend of mine, a former cop who knows a lot of their "dirty laundry" said that the
cops shown pepperspraying the young black man looks like a cop that's a member of the
Brotherhood of the Strong. Says it looks like the fellow that is...black hair, tall,
and ever so arrogant. Seems like it's the same fellow to me? How about you?

So where is the press conference? 29.Mar.2004 12:45


So where is one supposed to go for the press conference? Geez. Address? Building? Does anyone know?

Outside national help needed immediately 29.Mar.2004 13:08

I agree with the earlier posts

Outside national help is needed immediately 29.Mar.2004 13:01

victim of police violence link

The corruption in this city runs too deep to fix it from within. Unless we demand change innocent citizens wil be murdered by the police at least several times a year.

We need the FBI to investigate this police department. We need a nationally recognized leader to come to this city and help us. The so-called "leaders" here have collaborated with the police in their meetings about "fixing" (sweeping under the rug) the police problem. The Portland leaders are unacceptable. Some one call in Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, Move....anyone who can help us.

Committees and meetings have stolen all of the will of the people who want these killings to stop. Now is the time to stop talking and start acting.

To Kucinich nuts and other candidate propaganda volunteers/paid staff 29.Mar.2004 13:10


There's a time and a place to push your candidate. This isn't one of them. No white guy politician is going to be able to do shit about this. The issue here has nothing to do with some white guy running for office. If he got involved in this, he would be nothing more than a vulture circling an opportunity to harvest votes. Disgusting!
Furthermore I'm getting quite tired of you guys finding any little tie-in possible to post comments boosting your candidate. I would consider de-railing comment threads like that as nothing more than spam. Keep your comments at least somewhat on topic and step out of your comfortable-white-rich-men-will-do-it-for-me world for just a few seconds.

Press Conference at the InJustice Center 29.Mar.2004 13:20

Going on Now

There is a press conference on the 14th floor of the Justice Center at 1:00. I called at 1:15 and was told the meeting had not yet starteed.

According to the person who answered the phone at the Police Chief's office the public will not be admitted.

Call and email James Posey, the black mayor candidate 29.Mar.2004 13:26

white guy

It's all about diversity of tactics 29.Mar.2004 13:34


Many times in history it has been demonstrated that when you have violent/non-violent direct action along side of so-called "legitimate" reformist "actions" then the authorities when left with those choices will feel forced to appease the reformists. How do you think MLK jr was so successful? It was Decons For Defense, Black Panthers, MalcomX, riots, etc. vs MLK jr and civil disobedience. They chose to bargain with the reformist rather than have to deal with a revolution. The labor movement went down the same way. Anarchists or Democratic Socialists. The government chose the compromise. A diversity of tactics can be used for reform or revolution. Even assasinations, for example, can be reformist. It's how you arrange it into a strategy that makes it for one or the other. So don't buy into the old pig-disinformation line that direct action ruins things for reformists. Only lack of forsight and effective strategy does that.

StratereyX is very much in the 29.Mar.2004 13:52


with his comments. Just think of this way>>MalcolmX and the Black Panthers gave the Establishment much
incentive to bargain with the "less" radical MLK,Jr. and his "non-violent" supporters. The balance was
between "burn! baby! burn!" or "let's come together and reason together"! MLK,Jr's successes wouldn't
have been realized had it NOT been for the other alternative.

Portland's so-called "Establishment" may be at the same point where the balance must be struck that will
clearly define for them just WHAT the alternatives they face. A hyper-radical "minority" that is able
and willing to bring "burn! baby! burn!" successfully to the headlines and the world's attention will
then force these dullwitted Portlander's to wake-up and cast about for more pleasing "alternatives" and
then the true moderate reformist march in and negotiate a truce to all hostilities. The net result will
be reform is had, everyone has grown as result, the hyper-radical have served as valuable a purpose as
have the more moderate reformist, and all march together when reform is assured.

It's really the only way to bring change! Especially with someone as thick headed as Vera Katz. I bet
she'll sing a different song once she sees a lot of smoke blowing up from "her" city, and all this Old
Toughie stance of hers will melt like a snowcone in July! Won't know till ya try it though???????

You people are opportunists, you don't care about justice 29.Mar.2004 14:37

N. Portlander

You people only care about black Portlanders when you can use us as a proxy to bash the police. Where was your outrage earlier this year when black men were being gunned down by gang members? Where was your outrage when a little girl was shot in the head, by gang members? The real black bloodshed in Portland is gangs shooting our young men, that is the real massacre. But you opportunists don't care, you're happy to see us die unless our deaths can be used to further one of your pet projects. You hate the cops? Fine. But be honest about your motives. You don't give a fuck about our community. You just care about cops. Where will the outrage come from when another young black life is taken by gang violence? Not from these quarters.

Portland cops take one every year, that is bad. But gangs take DOZENS. Not that you people would understand or care.

Senseless 29.Mar.2004 14:37

Brian Smith

Police review board needs some teeth.

Without it we have no protection from the aggressive behavior of some police. We need community leadership and action. One of the resons I'm running for City Council, is I've been pepper sprayed and threatened with a tazer on difference occassions doing nothing wrong. Watched as nobody in City Hall spoke out against the mis-information campaign ENRON ran to defeat PUD. We need sombody in City Hall that is going to do something. Really just sick of career politicians saying everything but doing nothing.

We can expect more violence and $10 million lawsuits against the city, if it's business as usual.

RE: N. Portlander 29.Mar.2004 15:26


I don't think that people don't care about gang violence. I just think in that issue it is harder to pin down what the answer is. It is very complicated circumstances having much to do with class struggle and racism that leads to the conditions for gangs. It's hard to pin down an enemy or someone to blame when that person is your neighbor living in the same poverty as you and I. We must go to the source instead of shoot only at the symptoms, which are very much victims of circumstance too. I agree that people should be discussing what creates the environment where these young people feel this is their only way to make their way in this world.
In this particular article, there is no mention of a gang member being involved. So people are not discussing it. Also in general cops are very visible manifestations of this oppressive system. This makes them easy targets and almost everyone relates to having to deal with the pigz. It is easy in this circumstance to say who is the bad guy and who is the evil oppressor. So the solution seems simple, get rid of the pigz. With gangs it is less visible and takes a little deeper analysis to find the source of the problem. So you will see stories like this catch fire on most news sources while gang violence takes a back page. The beauty about open media like this is that you can write the stories you would like to see. If gang violence is something that you are passionate about, write something up. I would love to read it and would like to discuss possible real solutions to this symptom. I've been thinking about this some as well, my cousin was almost killed last year when he was hit 6 times point-blank in a gang related shooting.

Kucinich 29.Mar.2004 17:57

good point

"he would be nothing more than a vulture circling an opportunity to harvest votes."

yes, it probably would appear that way. but if you listened to him speak, you'd realize he talks about ending prisons for profit and the pipeline from school to prison/military, ending the drug war and addressing the problems of police brutality in the US.

i suggested DK because he's in the state right now, and he does have a tiny piece of the national stage. his 'Dept of Peace' painted as a huge bureaucracy by the homeland security team bush/kerry, would work to prevent violence throughout our society. His ideas are very relevant to this issue. If people want an end to this police brutality BS- they should be voting for DK come may. It's not a pump, it's a fact, get over it.

jesse jackson spoke at an MLK event in Alabama and promoted john 'finish the job' kerry. MLK would not be supporting kerry who wants to send more poor minorities to die for bush's lies. it's like you think jesse jackson is worthy because he's black... sure he's black, he was with MLK when he was shot, but now Jesse is a sellout, just like Al. I think it was widely assumed Al would back DK as they were aligned on most issues (opposite of kerry) but ol Johnny offered Al $600,000 to pay off his debts.

a 29.Mar.2004 19:54


living in Canada looks sweeter every day...

20 Hours 29.Mar.2004 21:31

Den Mark

So, at the press conference, 20 hours after the murder, Derrick says that "preliminary investigation" suggests there was no weapon. Uh, Derrick, i say the TOTAL investigation is over as far as the weapon is concerned. There was NO weapon, Derrick. jason sery killed an unarmed man, with multiple shots, because what, he wouldn't get out of the car? Derrick, shove it with the "resisting arrest" bullshit. We in the street know that any cop can claim that "resisting" bullshit, & it is bogus. Anything short of a suspect putting cuffs or plastic ties on him/herself & happily leaping into the car or van while thanking the "officer", anything short of that is "resisting arrest". Pure bullshit, Derrick. jason sery is a murder suspect & should be arrested & jailed pending arraignment. "Paid administrative leave"? For a murder suspect? That will not do, Derrick. I ask the community to accept nothing short of arrest & jail for this bastard cop of very questionable background. Which brings up another point. Who hired him? And who "trained" him? Investigate THAT. Clean house, Derrick. You have sociopaths in uniform. Clean house, Derrick, or resign. And tell your lovely boss, Vera, to do the same.

Don't you understand the police?. 29.Mar.2004 21:59


A recent conversation I had with a Washington County rookie cop might be of interest here.

This young man, about 20, told me the county sheriff cars are now being equipped with MP5 sub-machine guns. They are not the 9mm kind either. These shoot 5.56 mm rifle shells. I asked him, "Isn't a machine gun like what you bring to a war?." He replied. "It is a war.". This young mans patrol area is Sherwood. If you've ever been to Sherwood, you would know that the extent of terrorism, would be limited to vicious gophers.

I further asked him about the shells that police use. I said that troops abroad use full-metal jacketed ammunition, by the Geneva convention. I asked him why the police carry expanding specialised ammunition, which is specifically designed to kill, unlike military ammunition. Full-metal jackets punch a hole and don't expand, making it somewhat less likely to kill. Police used to carry .38 revolvers with ball-nose ammo. Now it's 40 specials or glock automatic guns that will blow a hole in a person the size of a grapefruit. I asked him why American citizens didn't get the same courtesy we give people abroad, he said "Ask the special forces abroad if they use FMJ ammo?".

I bit my tongue. This kid is a cop in Washington County, not a Seal or Ranger.
Yet, he has better arms and more firepower than most of the soldiers in Iraq. He has a police car with more hardware than an AWACS plane.

In the military the use of non-compliant ammunition is not official, even for special forces. I know from experience. I think we see this same attitude becoming prevalent in all of the police departments in the country. The police are becoming military, rather than peace officers. The guidlines they have to justify shooting people have become military, rather than what should be police guidelines.

The "new breed" cops scare me. They are not trained to be peace officers, but to have the attitude of a soldier. That might be alright, but they also seem to lack the discipline, mental and physical training that soldiers have.


I was arrested for resisting arrest 29.Mar.2004 22:06

CRC 2003-X-0009

I never resisted the officer's use of force. The PPB lie, and I thank God that I didn't end up dead. I was just kidnapped, beaten, abused, robbed, and falsely imprisoned. I consider myself lucky in the grand scheme of things. The Portland police do not like it when you question their authority or test their patience. It's sad that they use their guns on unarmed citizens, and the bureau protects each other at any cost.

40 Hours 30.Mar.2004 08:55

Den Mark

Nearly 40 hours after the killing, & the killer is at home, in comfort, eating snacks, resting, being visited by counselors & his little pastor & all his little supportive friends, who "understand" what he's going thru, who "understand" what cops go thru. 40 hours, & no justice in sight yet for the dead man & his community. No justice at all. One message is clear, tho': police have shown us that failing to use one's turn signal, ... can be fatal. City council is probably now working on an ordinance on untied shoelaces. No justice in sight yet for the dead man. No justice at all, ..... UNTIL WE DEMAND IT!

RE: Good Point 30.Mar.2004 09:05


I don't care to see any politicians in power. The very notion of that is extremely offensive. There should be no prisons and no cops. Those are useless, failed institutions which only protect the rich from the poor who step out of line. Communities are perfectly capable of "policing" themselves if allowed to do so(example: tribes functioned quite well for thousands of years without these foul institutions). I don't want bigger cages and longer chains. I want true freedom and I'm not alone.

You are still missing the point. 30.Mar.2004 09:57


The psychological screening of police officers excludes anyone with any intelligence or sense of honor. No person with any conscience would be a police officer. Some of our laws are so screwed up that no reasonable person could enforce them. The police not only enforce them, but often exaggerate crimes in order to further their careers. Even more can be said of DA's and judges.

I've heard some judges say that the mandatory sentencing guidelines disturb them, but I haven't seen them quit handing out ridiculous sentences.

I was the victim of a guy that hit me over the head with a beer bottle. It was about a woman that wouldn't give him the time of day and liked me. I was zipping my pants up, coming out of the rest room and got ten stitches in my head from a beer bottle. I tackled the jerk. I got a ticket for disorderly conduct!.

What's worst, is I had to be the advocate for the guy with the DA and the courts. They were going to give him 72 months in the pen. This is just a drunk, stupid punk. He is lucky that my sense of fair play made me take his cause. He got 9 months, which was about fair, but he'd still be in jail if I hadn't intervened.

I know many measure 11 nightmares and some even worst ones with narcotics. A lady I barely know, got 24 months in prison for splitting a dime bag of meth with a cop. This gal is not a dealer, just a junkie.

I know, some will say. Let's get tough. That tough costs us $80,000 for this stupid junkie and would have cost $200,000 for my clonk on the head.

It's money, it's power, it's the rapidly encroaching police state. They want the power to kill, imprison and tax you to death. Cops make their bones on unjustified arrests. DA's on inflated prosecutions. Judges on ridiculous sentences.

Here's your breakdown. Get busted by some jack-booted moron, prosecuted by some smarm, career minded DA and sentenced by some pompous kangaroo court judge. Unless you have a million bucks to pay your leech of a lawyer, you're gonna get creamed.


POWER AND CONTROL 30.Mar.2004 21:43

The Bit Bull

Almost anyone who would be a cop(we do not have peace officers any longer) or a jail/prison guard has real power and control issues. These individuals probably experiences abuse of one for or another as children. These individuals are dangerous to us all but expecially to men of color and women. This type of behavior does not suprise me and totally angers me. They have to be held accountable and stopped. It is going to take some very strong willed people and more than likely money to get this done.

"Mr. Fuck A Cop" is back! 30.Mar.2004 22:25


Why the hell do we let this shit happen! I know people who are afraid of gangs, but I know gangs won't hurt me. The police are more dangerous! This Jason Sery needs to be charged for MURDER! If a civilian kills a cop they get sent up, but if a cop kills one of us they get two weeks paid "leave" (vacation) and a small investigation (whitewash). We need to make them know that we won't stand for this type of law enforcement. Since when was unbuckling your seatbelt a threat to law enforcement! Maybe we need to do like LA and start a fucking riot! If the police are already afraid of us let's give them something to really be afraid of! That's right, I know what I said and I don't give a fuck!
Stand Up!
Stand Up!
No matter what race or class, we are all human!
No matter what race or class, we are all human!
We Must Protect Ourselves!
We Must Protect Ourselves!

We will do it 4 our Children 31.Mar.2004 00:42

rrainbow - Big r

"If the police are already afraid of us let's give them something to really be afraid of! That's right, I know what I said and I don't give a f!"
You are right!! Its similar to WW II. The only difference is its all over the world and its the government and the police this time. So it will be somewhat more harder to hide, when it is necessary. Its just something that needs to be Done. Reclaim All Justice back to the Way its supposed to be. Justice FOR ALL. No doubt about it.
We do have wins around the world given to us by judges, but they are getting fewer and far between. Please be try to be SAFE....xoxoxo
Get Tre Arrow out of Solitary confinement. No one deserves to be in there for just stealing something!! I am phoning William Head prison where he is tomorrow. The more people that phone the Better...

Do it for 4 our Children 31.Mar.2004 00:48

big r

I said:
So it will be somewhat more harder to hide, when it is necessary
I meant to say:
So when we want to hide, it will be harder to hide, when it is necessary!

opportunists who don't care about justice 31.Mar.2004 04:23

NE portlander (one of several)

N. Portlander sez 29.Mar.2004 14:37
>You people are opportunists, you don't care about justice
>You people only care about black Portlanders when you can
>use us as a proxy to bash the police. Where was your outrage
>earlier this year when black men were being gunned down by
>gang members?

H'm ... where was yours? If people were posting original material every week about gang killings in Portland, they'd get featured every week. And what's your point, anyway? You wanna see more black men in prison? If indymedia only hears from you when it publishes criticism of police violence, if you only seem to care about gang issues when you can use them to deflect attention away from killer cops, then that pretty much sums up what you're really about and whom you're really standing up for, doesn't it?

64 Hours 31.Mar.2004 09:02

Den Mark

Nearly 64 hours have passed, & the family & community of James Perez have seen no signs of Justice. jason sery is still on paid leave & resting from his "ordeal" & his union is figuring out how to make him into a victim, instead of the criminal he obviously is. Mayor & council & po-po & district attorney still by silence deny that they have psychopaths in uniform. And so, the city remains in danger, ..... from those certain cops, who should not be cops, but are cops, because the city will not accept responsibility. Once in uniform, always in uniform. No standards. No acountability. Even if just for self-interest, one would think that getting rid of bad cops would make the job easier for good cops. If i were a cop, it would be disgusting to me to know that a few worms also wear blue. But vera & derrick & jim & company refuse to act, refuse even to speak. No Justice, ..... until the people demand it!

wow, i can't believe this 31.Mar.2004 18:25


yeah i'm from the boston area, and i haven't heard of this at all....i'm so sorry you guys have to deeal with such crappy govt officials....is there ANY reports in the news of it over there?? Youa ll should write letters-to-the-editors and to your tv and radio stations as well. that is awfull--try to get some organization together and heck, call the ACLU and see if there can be a class action suit against the portland police dept! maybe that will get some attention, if not, then just protest until they do something about it (the cops).

Not a race issue. 31.Mar.2004 23:55


This is not a race issue. The cops may be slightly more likely to shoot people of color, but Oregon cops, DA's and judges are some really nasty SOB's, driven by nasty SOB politicians.

I am from Portland. It's like the Nazi's invaded 10 years ago. Before that, cops were pretty cool. They'd get the REAL bad guys and leave the rest of us alone.

It's the "WAR ON (drugs, terror, crime ...... insert word)......



Oh but it IS a race issue 05.Apr.2004 20:45


Do you honestly think that if the driver of the white mistubishi had been white, that he would have even been stopped in the first place? Not hardly!

Perez was clearly targeted for being black and driving a nice car. It was a "fishing expedition" for the cops, who were trying to find dope or a gun or whatever, in the car... Pre-text stops are legal in Oregon, and that is what is was. A pre-text stop.

Arresting somebody for Failure to Display a Drivers License is generally only used to determine 1) who the person is, and/or 2) to try to find more (either evidence on his person or in the vehicle, since it would likely get towed), and/or 3) to fuck with the person.

If a white female had been driving in SW Portland at 2am and got stopped by the police, for say DUII, and attempted to drive away...do you honestly think she would be shot? Again, not hardly!

It is NOT the whites being systematically murdered by the police, it is the blacks and other racial minorities.

In the words of Tupac Shakur... 05.Apr.2004 20:57


I'm convinced self defense is the way
Please stay strapped, pack a gat every day


Anyone that pulls a gun on me for no reason is going to find themselves DEAD (cop or otherwise) - it's called SELF DEFENSE!!!

However, don't get me wrong. I am NOT advocating going out and retaliating against the police. That will only get YOU hurt or killed, and allow another cop to have a free vacation on us, the working class taxpayers. Your life is worth more than that!

I am standing up for our right to defend ourselves from illegal search and seizure (death being the ultimate seizure), and for our right to defend OUR lives when threatened.

To beat the police, one must play the game BETTER than they do, and believe me, it's not that hard to do, folks. There are many avenues to deal with issues legally, and in a way that forces them (the City/the Bureau) to make change.


Look at the real picture. 19.Apr.2004 01:10


Do you honestly think that if the driver of the white mistubishi had been white, that he would have even been stopped in the first place? Not hardly!

Perez was clearly targeted for being black and driving a nice car. It was >a "fishing expedition" for the cops, who were trying to find dope or a gun or >whatever, in the car... Pre-text stops are legal in Oregon, and that is what >is was. A pre-text stop.

Who they knew was a felon and were AFRAID of. Cops are now the dregs of humanity. IQ.... 80 or below..... physical conditioning at the donut shop.

>Aresting somebody for Failure to Display a Drivers License is generally only >used to determine 1) who the person is, and/or 2) to try to find more (either >evidence on his person or in the vehicle, since it would likely get towed), >and/or 3) to fuck with the person.

Three is usually the incentive, not for your race.

>If a white female had been driving in SW Portland at 2am and got stopped by the police, for say DUII, and attempted to drive away...do you honestly think she would be shot? Again, not hardly!

Only with jism.

>It is NOT the whites being systematically murdered by the police, it is the blacks and other racial minorities

Try my "very white" friend in Forest Grove after 70 tazer hits, who had to have nerves cut to walk. He finally killed himself.

Us white people just don't say as much about the soldiers, who we though were our cops. Don't make it a race issue.

Recruitment for Oregon Police?.

Did everyone think you were such a pile of excrement that the other kids tied meat to you to make the dogs play with you?.


Did your dad molest you?.


Are you wall-eyed?.


Is your IQ under 80?.


Do you like to hurt people?.


You can be a cop here in Oregoooone.