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In Massachusetts, HEIL MITTLER?

Mass. Governor wants state court to postpone requal marriage rights until November 2006.
Will Boston soon celebrate gay weddings, following SF & Portland?
Will Boston soon celebrate gay weddings, following SF & Portland?
Dear Oregon friends of freedom,

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts repeatedly rules that the Massachusetts state constitution guarantees equal civil rights for all -- including the equal right of same-gender couples to marry, just as different-gender couples do.

But now Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon Republican, tells "his" state supreme court to IGNORE the state constitution, at least until November 2006.

Newspapers often print stories about chief executives bullying judges. But such reports usually come from foreign lands, ruled by dictators.

Shall Massachusetts judges click their heels and respectfully reply, "Heil Mittler" ?

--  SaveFreedom@yahoogroups.com
San Francisco, CA
30 March 2004
PS: For frequent Mass. news updates,
please visit Boston Globe's "gay_marriage" section:



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notes 30.Mar.2004 10:30


(1) Usually the Mass. Gov. would be represented in court by the Mass. Attorney General.
However, this time, the state AG doesn't support the Governor's move. For details, please see Boston Globe.

(2) Of course, "requal" should be "equal".

-- Ten Thumbs Talk