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where is pic of SCOTT McCOLLISTER?

With Portland Police killing yet another citizen over minor traffic violations
in which their intimidation tactics deliberately caused an undue escalation of
the situation to where they could do "legalized murder" on a minority citizen,
we need now, more than ever, to get the picture of that arch-bungling cop...
SCOTT McCOLLISTER up so we will at least know what the sorry man looks like in case we have an encounter
with him in course of his job as pariah policeman. Unless we know what he looks like, we could end up as any victim! We must not let the matter die for lack of follow up!
don't think "they" won't us to get a pic of 30.Mar.2004 19:04

Scott McCollister

follows is a reposting taken from www.portlandpoliceassociation.com

The President's Report
By Robert King

Community Unites Around Officers
The PPA is very concerned about the recent attention brought to the return to work of Officer Scott McCollister. We have been in constant contact with Scott and we have worked with him to ensure he is protected and represented in this issue. We have not weighed in more forcefully because this group does not deserve to be legitimized by any response from us at all. We do thank all those people who have helped us with the heavy lifting in this case in the Bureau, City, media and community. We have enjoyed the support of our community and we are thankful.

We have challenged Scotts discipline and there is much work that lies ahead for us in our defense of Officer McCollister. We anticipated something like this might occur. It is another unfortunate bump in the road which in no way interferes with officers delivering service to this community or gets in our way defending this officer. Having said all of that our response to this flyer is outlined below.

Police Officers of Portland join together to denounce the disturbing flyer recently distributed to neighborhoods in Portland. We are all outraged by the tone and content of the flyer put out by an illegitimate group so-called rose city cop watch.

This flyer contains a statement "armed and dangerous killer released to east Portland" is inciteful and dangerous. On May 5, 2003 Officer Mc Collister defended his life against someone who would have killed him. A Grand Jury cleared him of any wrong doing and the Police Bureau exonerated his use of deadly force. He served an unprecedented suspension and has returned to work because of his commitment to law enforcement and his community. He has made it clear he will not be intimidated.

The reaction by Officers is one of indignation because of the threatening nature of this flyer, no one is fooled by the notion this is a contest for a picture for a bag of groceries. This flyer is vigilante in nature and threatens Officer Mc Collister and all officers. We believe in the rule of law and the safety and well being of all Portland's citizens. When our community is threatened we respond. When we arrive on a call our job is to restore peace and protect the life and rights of our community. Officers are now committed to protecting Officer McCollister. We will not allow him to be harmed by anyone. Our concern is this flyer could embolden people all along the political spectrum and the Portland Police Association will be vigilant in response to this threat.

We also want to thank the Mayor and the Chief for their reaction to this flyer. The Mayor calls the flyers "appalling" those responsible for the flyers should be "ashamed". The Chief sent a letter to the group saying he was "disturbed" and "offended". We thank them for their response.

Most importantly we recognize this group is a fringe group who represents no one and has demonstrated their character by this offensive act. The officers have received overwhelming support in the face of this threat and we are grateful for the out pouring concern.

The Police Officers of Portland stand with Officer McCollister since May 5, 2003, we stand with him now and we will through whatever lies ahead.

March 2004 - Vol 35 No. 3

WOW! after reading the above from the PPA, I see why they're 30.Mar.2004 19:40


You have got to read the above tirade! It is a hoot and a half! No wonder these people are crazy! If
this is all I got for touchstone to REALITY, I'd be a raving idiot like them too! Do yourselves a favor
and spend the few moments reading this, as it's a "window" into their poor minds! These poor men are
really sick! You'll see for yourself! It's so sad, as how are we intelligent people going to nurture
along progressive reforms and have to deal same time with this mindset? It'll be impossible task it do
seem. So, we must resolve ourselves to bash away at these clowns...smash 'em everytime they pop their
heads up, for we'll NEVER be able to sway them with any sense of logic or reason. No a chance!

the mentally ill deserve sympathy, 30.Mar.2004 20:59


I thought this must have been a joke post, but I searched it out and it's real! Talk about delusional.

"On May 5, 2003 Officer Mc Collister defended his life against someone who would have killed him."

What? Really? Not according to the findings of one review, at least.

"He has made it clear he will not be intimidated... When our community is threatened we respond."

Isn't such macho posturing nothing more than an admission that somebody, at least, is intimidated?
And saying that "we respond" sounds just a little bit too much like gang wars. Except there's only
one gang here--the thugs that my tax dollars pay for.

Down with all killer cops and a hearty F.U. to all the chickenshit cops who let them get away with
that crap by remaining silent. Sprout some gonads and cross the blue line, why don't you?

not to get off "topic" but you've got to 31.Mar.2004 00:57

read this one

After reading the above that came from www.portlandpoliceassociation.com, I decided to
check out their website, and God, what a read? It's PROPAGANDA at it's best! While it's
bullshit for sure, it's high quality and I'll give 'em that much! I found this one to
be interesting, as it gives us insight in to HOW they view us out here, and in how they
are moaning about being "short-handed" and that's "code" for they're angling for a union
raise from the city...probably an over-the-board blanket pay raise and they're using the
tactic of crying they're SHORT-HANDED. Well now, that's good from our prespective isn't
it? That's less of 'em out on the streets to shoot us or harass us. My goodness, I am
glad whoever it was posted the first article as I had no idea these cats had a website
like this...it's something else...it's a Gold mine full of nuggets into their mindsets!

Editor's Statement

By Detective Peter Simpson - Tactical Operations Division

Just before writing this month's column, I scrolled through the local media outlets (The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Portland Tribune and the local news websites) and found no shortage of police-related articles.

Whether it was a media review of police tactics in the shooting of multiple-armed-robber Shane Clements, a scathing editorial on the use of tasers, the as-yet-determined discipline of a police captain, or the return of an officer to work after serving his time in the penalty box; the local media is grabbing ratings and readers by selling police stories.

I learned along time ago that "if it bleeds, it leads" and clearly every local media outlet is subscribing to this mantra. I've noticed an increased interest in crime stories, "behind-the-scenes" looks at how police do the job and investigative-type reporting on issues that are slanted to stir up controversy.

It's really not a surprise and we shouldn't get too upset about it. Another great statement I heard some years ago was, "For the most part, the media is no different than a pimp. They will use and abuse you (the police) for the sole purpose of making money." But, to spin off a comedy bit by actor/comedian Chris Rock, it's not the media that we should be afraid of when doing a traffic stop, executing a warrant or entering a house on a call. The media isn't going to shoot us, stab us, or physically hurt us or prevent us from going home. Bad guys are; and we cannot lose focus of that fact.

Our job is to finish the shift safely and take care of each other. The media's job is to sell advertising and papers. Many will claim to report a story "because people need to know the truth;" but the truth is that the bills need to get paid, and "if it bleeds, it leads."

How short we really are
Hopefully you all read Scott Westerman's article last month on the actual numbers of police officers working in the City of Portland. I read it twice and it really hit home about how ridiculously short we are.

I got off the phone one night recently while working late and after talking to a fellow detective, I found myself stewing over the fact that everyone I know and work with is absolutely slammed with work. Most of us are so busy that we have to put serious felony investigations aside because the "hot incidents" keep on coming.

What is most frustrating about this is that there is no relief in sight. It will take years of hiring and training to even get us up to adequate strength. Right now, most people are doing the job of two and aren't the type of people to just "show up" and "put in ten hours." No. Ten hours is only the beginning.

I hope that someone, somewhere is paying attention. Because a lot of good people are going through the grinder and can only stand it for so long.

In the meantime, try to remember that when all else fails, we do this job for each other. Take time off to decompress and enjoy some family time. Take care of home first, work second. Everything else will work itself out on its own.

March 2004 - Vol 35 No. 3

here's some MORE! They even have their old geezer's 31.Mar.2004 01:08

writing ...a bit long-winded, but...interesting.....

Drugs, Gangs and The Lezak Commission
By: Sergeant Bob Gross, Retired

By: Sergeant Bob Gross, Retired I just finished a run and a few minutes with the weights. Getting a workout started is sometimes a matter of will; will I or won't I? Ninety nine percent of the time I push myself out the door and when I finish I feel better, 100% of the time.

As I get older it becomes just a little harder because there are certain parts of my body that complain with pain more then they used to. After thirty years of hunting, running and physically confronting bad guys it takes a physical toll on your body. During the last sixteen years of my career I had five separate surgical procedures (back, neck, hernia, and knee x 2) to deal with on-the-job injuries.

I'm not alone in my injury count and I'm not asking for anyone's sympathy, it's just something police officers endure. The injuries don't get any better with age. Arthritis sets in and the injuries become more painful. The old adage, "if I had only known then what I know now" comes to mind.

Most of you are young and physically fit. Most of you don't think of getting injured when you confront those bad guys who don't want to go peacefully. My experience tells you; you will never get into a physical confrontation, no matter how minor, that you will not come away with some sort of injury.

It could be a scratch, it could be a pulled muscle or it could be a herniated disk in your back or a torn ligament in your knee. By the time you're in your 50's, with 25 or 30 years under your belt these injuries are going to be there to always remind you of your foolish youth. Once you retire do you think the city council or the police bureau will remember you, or even care? Just something to think about.

Now that I got that stuff off of my chest let's talk about the history of gangs in Portland. I'm no expert on gangs and I have never worked with the gang unit. But, like most of you, I had my share of contacts with gang-bangers when I worked the street. I do have a little knowledge, and my own opinion, on what brought the gangs to "Little Moscow on the Willamette".

According to the "daily dead fish wrapper", and the body count over the past couple months, gang violence is on the rise and her honor the mayor is convening community forums and committees to discuss a problem that will not go away with smoke and mirrors.

I don't know all the names and various denominations of the gangs in Portland. I do know that they fight over turf and they kill or injure each other, and innocent bystanders, over their main source of income, which is, as you know, drugs.

Gang-bangers didn't just appear in Portland overnight or without the police bureau's knowledge. In fact, several members of the PPB command staff attempted to warn the City Council, and the mayor, what was happening, but everyone seemed to have a deaf ear. So let's go back to the '80's to find out what happened.

*Note: the following information is public record and was reported by The Oregonian and the Lezak Commission in articles published April - June 1986.

A little personal background: The first nine and a half years of my Portland police career were spent as a patrol officer working the night shift out of North Precinct. I was a member of the "St. Johns Police Department" that had the reputation of being the dumping ground for any cop who screwed up, was disciplined or just couldn't get along with the rest of civilized society. A lot of this was myth, with a touch of reality thrown in, when I arrived at the dilapidated building at the east end of the St. John's bridge in the fall of 1973.

My first two partners, J. "Mike" Johnson, #2918, and Mark "Mongo" Butler, #7043, (both of whom saved my butt on numerous occasions) and I made the five mile drive to "the Avenue" every night.

"The Avenue", now named Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., was the place to work if you wanted to learn how to do police work. There never was a shortage of shootings, stabbings, robberies, burglaries or various other problems to deal with. There were no gangs and the police, for the most part, controlled the streets.

The future of Portland changed in 1984 when Bud "Whoop Whoop" Clark ran for mayor, on a lark, and he was elected by the citizens of Portland. On January 24th, 1985 Mayor Clark appointed Penny Harrington Chief of Police. Chief Harrington reorganized the police bureau, abolishing the Drug and Vice Division, transferring some of its functions to the Detective Division and other functions to uniform officers in the precincts. The Intelligence Division was also gutted and transferred to the Detective Division. A new Juvenile Division of 33 officers was created to crack down on truants from schools; the theory being, that school truants accounted for a significant number of burglaries. When Drugs and Vice was disbanded in March of 1985 only one Lieutenant and two officers of the original unit (1 Capt., 2 Lt., 4 Sgt., and 20 officers) remained to transfer to Detectives, effectively ending all high profile and ongoing drug investigations.

Prior to making these decisions the chief sought no opinion from the Detective Division or Precinct Captains, whose units were to be assigned these new responsibilities. D/C Bob Tobin proposed a six-month phase-in period to allow for training and transfer of functions. While this proposal was under discussion, the city council reduced the police bureau's budget, cutting a total of 72 positions, which required laying off 16 officers. The reorganization continued despite the budget cuts. (This sounds all too familiar. I hear the current city council is once again saying they are out of money and they want to cut the police bureau budget by 2-3%)

The next year (1985-1986) saw illegal drug traffic increase significantly in Portland, in part due to an influx of tar heroin coming up from Mexico. As a result of this increase in drug activity and accompanying drug-related crimes (homicide, assault, robbery and theft) Mayor Clark appointed the Lezak Commission to conduct an investigation into the reorganization of the bureau.

The Lezak Commission determined, "that the increase and openness of the growing drug traffic has given the criminal community a perception that Portland is soft on drug control and penalties, and has had an ineffective drug enforcement program in the past year".

A statement by Stan Peters, the PPA President, in This Week by Joyce Booth, dated 4/23/86, summed up the union perspective: "We told her (Harrington) not to eliminate those units, but she wouldn't listen. Neither would the Mayor. She had officers out chasing juveniles. While they were putting out brush fires, the forest caught fire. Drug related crimes and deaths increased and the crime rate went up".

The I-5 corridor was the pipeline and Portland opened the spigot in 1985. The Bloods and Crips saw the opening and moved to town. In my opinion, this is the reason Portland has an ever-growing drug problem, out of control gangs and an escalating homicide rate. The only way to deal with these problems is to enlist the unquantified and undeterred support of the community and the Mayors office in an all out effort to put as much law enforcement heat on gang-bangers and their crack-consuming clientele.

"But, it is the same old story that every cop knows so well. The citizens want their police to protect them, to keep the plague from their eyes, from their doors. But those same citizens are the first to stare wide eyed and point the finger of outrage when they see close-up exactly what the job they've given the cops entails."

(The last paragraph was written by Michael Connelly, author of The Concrete Blonde, Blood Work and several other excellent novels. A good read if you like cop literature)

Stay focused and stay safe!

March 2004 - Vol 35 No. 3

here's even MORE...better yet! 31.Mar.2004 01:14

this an article by a cop-wife...interesting....


Real people behind the badge
By: Jessica Hull - PPB Wife

This is written from the perspective of the spouse of a PPB Traffic officer in the hope that it will bring awareness to the community.

Have you been pulled over by a police officer and given a ticket for driving over the posted speed limit, running a stop sign, or making an illegal turn? I know I have, and it certainly did not occur to me that the "jerk" that gave me a ticket had an ounce of decency or compassion. I most definitely couldn't fathom the idea that he had a loving wife and three adorable children waiting for his return.

The truth is, the police officers that you see all dressed in blue riding a horse, driving a police car, or riding a motorcycle are human beings. They have real lives with real people in them that care about and pray for their safety. Before judging them, consider where you were during the recent snowstorm.

While the majority of Portland residents stayed at home and off the roads, the Portland Police Officers continued their daily workweek. These men and women forged on over slippery roads and hazardous conditions leaving their loved ones at home to ponder the possibilities.

Have you considered the possibilities? For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a police officer's child. While watching his favorite evening show, the interruption of the latest officer-involved shooting screams across the television.

As he watches the blue uniform being loaded into the ambulance, he turns to Mommy and asks, "Is that Daddy?" Although, it probably wasn't... it could have been. The initial feeling is the same. The chill that runs down your back in the first three seconds is the same, regardless of the outcome.

Worrying is a feeling that becomes familiar to the families of police officers. Try to imagine by paying close attention to the newspaper and evening news announcements that you care for someone that works for the Portland Police Bureau. Consider not only the possibility of physical injury but verbal contempt as well. Would you then defend your brother, sister, son or daughter? It is easy to despise them when you have dehumanized their presence.

Before calling the local law enforcement obscene names, remember that those "jerks" are taking drunk drivers off the roads, encouraging you to buckle your seat belt, and saving your life in more ways than one EVERY SINGLE DAY.

March 2004 - Vol 35 No. 3


on a "Me! Me!-Trip"

wasn't he the same fellow that killed his next door neighbors cats and was written up
about here some months ago? my gosh! i see what you mean about their mindset, as it
sure reeks through in their writing. this is just astounding! i hope they don't take it
off line once they find out we found out about it?

Gosh! Their website is something else... 31.Mar.2004 07:00

the old retired cop is writing like he is

ex-military, using "Sgt. Joe Friday, retired". What gives here? Is that the ONLY life this old dude
ever had? Sounds like some old bastard stuck in a cops time warp? Odd, but if they're going to mimic
the military, at least they should do so via proper etiquette and accord the designation to bonifide officer grade ranking, and not mere "sergeant" enlisted grade rank. Sounds too much like this old guy
is a WANNABE SOLDIER, who was frustrated out being one and settled instead with being a cop who went on
the "battlefield" to fight the wars with his fellow-citizens till his retirement checks started coming
in. Honestly, these people are something else! It's no wonder they manage to produce such racist pigs
as this latest citizen killing cop if he has been pumped up by this silly rhetorical bullshit in which
they role play themselves as being at war with their own citizens? Think about it! This kind of crap is
reinforcement for delusional-thinking and fosters mutual-bonding to delusional GROUPTHINK. You know:
if the Kendra James families case and likewise surely the James Perez family's case ever actually goes
to a court before a jury, their attorney can enter into evidence some of this rhetorical bullshit taken
from this Police Union's RAP SHEET or whatever it's called, and have a legalistic field-day and half?

you know...about this bunch that's 31.Mar.2004 08:29

quite amusing

is their vain attempt to "appear" PROFESSIONAL and that Police work is a PROFESSION.

Sorry there! Ain't so I'm afraid. What hallmarks a REAL professional is the FACT that they are first
and foremost, EDUCATED; and then they're blessed with higher than average IQ's, and have what is known
as "independent-thinking" capacity, which means they have the ability to undertake "critical thinking"!

What I've seen at this website ( http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/) so far, totally misses the
mark insofar as "professionalism" is concerned. I don't see any evidence of much "education", though
I do very much see that of "indoctrination" (there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the two you do know don't
you?), nor do I see much evidence of too much more than "average" to "less than average" IQ's, if we're
to base such assessment on the level of writing displayed, and finally, for the Critical-Thinking issue,
just ain't there, period. There is a lot of lock-step GROUPTHINK in which everyone is trying to outdo
each other in macho posturing, thinking that such bombastic word useage "somehow" makes them far more
MANLY and/or more COURAGEOUS or whatever (who can get inside the minds of such anyway?).

Really now, the website literally reeks with strong "odor" of TESTOSTERONE! Some would be quick to so
glibbly say BULLSHIT, but I won't. I will say though, I wonder if it's this ODOR that is why this NEW
WORLD ODOR that's being pushed by the rightwinger's (and their kissing cousins>>>the religious wackos)
is so smelly and why so many people of intelligence are ably resisting it? ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

THIS IS A REAL HOOT! 31.Mar.2004 15:11


whoever started it by posting the police union's website!

This King guy is a real dick 31.Mar.2004 16:23

I had the displeasure of meeting him

He'll do what ever it takes to protect the image and reputation of the Portland police, at any cost. His philosophy is "shoot the messenger" and attack their credibility. I hope nobody's buying it.

no! no!...don't worry, no one is buying what 31.Mar.2004 17:58

Robert King

has got to sell! You know to distrust such salesmen when they try the OVERKILL method! Never worked in
the real world, and won't work now! It's funny watching 'em try, stumbling 'n' bungling as they go!
The smarter ones will figure it out...the problem lies within THEMSELVES. The hot air salesmen like old
King will continue to over inflate themselves and get carried away with their own hot air! Funny, yes?

Yeah... 31.Mar.2004 18:32

but it has worked so far, and the city buys his BS

With the exeption of one police cover up and one profanity complaint, both of which we initiated by a police officer. I guess it's harder for him to discredit members of his own bureau. He would do it if he could; the slime bag. What about the next time, and the next, ect. He will continue to attack anybody that speaks out Portland police violence. So far, everybody exept for "real" citizens have bought it. But clearly we don't matter.

From PPA "Rap Sheet"

"Police Officers of Portland join together to denounce the disturbing flyer recently distributed to neighborhoods in Portland. We are all outraged by the tone and content of the flyer put out by an illegitimate group so-called rose city cop watch."

Robert King calls Rose CIty Copwatch illegitimate and so-called 31.Mar.2004 19:22


I call Portland police officers illegitimated and so-called. After all, none of them have been trained properly or fit for the job. Instead, they're criminals who steer clear of trouble thanks to Robert King and Steve Morrow.

not only are they incompetent 31.Mar.2004 22:36

and untrained

but they get their jobs because they are brothers, cousins, friends, dick-suckers, ass-bangers, daddy's
and God knows what all to each other. They are so insular unto themselves, that few of them really have
a real life. They pump each other up with their silly groupthink and wonder why they're alienated from
their fellow man? Folk's, they aren't very intelligent and when one of them gets creamed on the job, it
just part of the job as far as I concerned, as they're so mechanical, it's like just pitch his ass away
and go grab another off the shelf! Fuch 'em! I find it very hard to respect what they've become here!
I used to respect police, and still do the older men here who are marking time till they can get out. It
is the younger crowd they are getting...too military, too dumb, too arrogant...that is total turn-off to
me. Hell, I don't know too many people, even at my church, that would really want anything to do with a
cop if they can avoid it. The few that go to our church have withdrawn a lot in past few years as they
aren't as well received as they once were, or at least it seems that way. people just aren't friendly
to them or their wives like they once were. It's more a burn-out on all police and not just these guys,
who I hope aren't assholes like all these we read about in the newspapers and hear about on the tv. Tht
is enough now, done wrote more than I probably should as it is. this is good thing you got here>>lets
us people get stuff off our chests. the police are turning into to brutal pigs though and that too bad.

this one is funnie! 01.Apr.2004 12:28

Jimmie Jammie

I seen this for days and figured it was the usual posting to keep the hope alive.
Then an hour ago I clicked in just to see! My oh my, is it ever funnie? Thanxs!

Paradigm shift in policing 12.Apr.2004 14:26

Son of State Trooper devin323@hotmail.com

After reading the largely inflammatory and ignorant posts here I got to the bottom and read the truest one (sadly). It makes the point that the older cops were (are) more human and that the "new generation" is "too military (sic)", etc. I have seen this change firsthand. My father was an OSP trooper for 27 years and on many occasions I rode with him and watched him work. In the few years prior to his retirement, he was a field training officer charged with "indoctrinating" the rookie troops. Even he made remarks of much the same content (and if he wouldn't be prejudiced, who would?) about the younger guys' motivations for the job. The problem is, the wrong guys are hired for the job. It used to be, cops were hired because they could handle themselves in a physical confrontation. This very ability almost required that the guy was physically confident. This confidence enabled much "force of will" to overcome a necessity for physical violence. The kids they hire now were picked on in school and want to take their revenge against society at large. Their false bravado gets called by real "tough guys" and out come the guns because that is all they have left to use. In addition, once you hire these types, they want to pretend that "law enforcement" is more than what it is. In this post-911 era of mutual masturbation among the police and firemen (None of whom were in NYC though you wouldn't know that from reading their hats/shirts/stickers/mousepads/toilet paper) their attitude of self-righteousness has reached beyond the levels of decency.

Diminutive, Nefarious Portland Police Bureau. 27.Feb.2006 14:24

Don Goodspeed woodebutcher@peoplepc.com

The Portland Police Bureau has run amuck, judge, jury , executioner. As a whole they demonstrate a great capacity for ignorance or the Civil Rights Issues and are overpaid and underworked for the annual $65,000-$100,000 pay they draw for minimal work of their standard 40 hour week.
They present themselves to the public as impudent, arrogant, young snobs, who all need military discipline and a remedial course in their manners and respect toward the citizen on the street. Most of them have never been subject to military training and pretty much operate as they see fit, and a tour of duty in Irac would help get them over the "shooter" mentality and quit getting exonerated by our crooked D.A. Mr. Schrunk. Many citizens of Portland have been murdered, no more, no less and most of these bad apples are still on the job; thanks to the bigots who run the Portland Police Association. (Mr. King - A killer cop)
The Portland Police Bureau is about as popular as cancer and the only possibility forof improving the situation is to have a real citizen review committee to pass judgment on these killer cops, have a separate district attorney strictly for hearing complaints by citizens against these errant, impudent cops. Let's clean house and do it right this time getting the City Auditor out of it as he is not much more than a woosey taking orders from the ex-cop mayor Potter.