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my friends at portland.indymedia.org

It appears that my urging for a "call to reason" approach of
voting in a moderate candidate to get rid of Bush and then continue with Green Party activitites under a more conducive government is being censored within your own "open forum, alternative media site"
My original article, "solidarity against Bush, aka the hard right", was posted on 26 February and drew 23 commentaries. Quite a large number of comments, the most in quite some time before the shooting of a black man in Portland.

It was met with some hostility, and one open-minded reader at least acknowledged that "I wasn't saying what people wanted to hear"

I commented later and apologized for any ad hominem attack, and apologized for having a very aggressive warning stance about the absolute, real danger of Bush.

23 commentaries, and some of them not that bad. There was something stirring there, but my attempts at posting a more moderate approach of my writing style has been censured and not posted. Even any commentries I make as an anonymous writer.

The openess your web site org preaches, and it's charges against oppression and repression of free speech, is actually now a hypocrisy in itself by censuring my opinions.
And there have been more anti-Nader, anti-green, pro republican postings using all kinds of profanities and personal insults. Even downright hate mail. That is not a tactic I employ, although once I admit I did get personal in an attack to defend a fellow service member.

I think the administrators at portland.indymedi.org have me figured out all wrong.
It is nearly impossible to put me in any kind of pidgeonhole, known as pidgeonholing
(trying to use one word in describing something potentially complex) which is the theme for many commentaries and replies at this .org. And that's spreading ignorance and mistruth, which fuels hatred..the very machine of propoganda which our current government, let's say Bush and his immediate advisors treat as business or politics........and one your .org is opposed to.

Be careful not to become that which you oppose, or, welcome to the great paradox of truth.

Dennis Sagwitz
Marginalized by layoffs and evictions of artists from lofts in Boston
living in Canada, still caring and writing with passion in hopes to
sway opinions to defeat Bush: solidarity. Remember Poland and llech Walesa.