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alternative media selection 2004

Objection to a pdx indymedia editorial decision

the title says it all
At around 11:30 on March 30 I attempted to repost a World Socialist Web Site article ( http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/mar2004/nad-m30.shtml) that exposes, in a limited way, Nader's dependence on the two-party system and the Democrats. It took as its point of departure Nader's recent offer to meet with Kerry and discuss the anti-Bush campaign. I had given it a title like "On Nader's supposed "independence" from the two-party system" (or something else that was clearly critical of Nader). In the "summary" I included that I disagreed with the Trotskyist politics of the WSWS and added the address of the Communist Voice Organisation website (communistvoice.org) . But returning home from work tonight I found that the article never made it on the newswire. I checked the "compost bin" (where many rejected posts are inaccessible) and saw that it appeared to be there, along with two other articles on Nader's overture (all inaccessible). At the time I checked the wire, the _one_ article on this that was allowed to be seen was already off the front page. (It had been posted on the 29th). And despite the fact that the article that got through was of a clearly different character (i.e. totally lacking in political criticism or analysis) than the article I had attempted to repost, the latter was apparently listed in the "compost bin" as a "duplicate". This may be just a mistake, or a reflection of the bias of a particular editor. This error itself doesn't prove a general Naderite bias that effects the overall editorial decision-making process. But this decision stands out very clearly as both odd and objectionable at a moment when both the question of the role of the Democrats and Kerry, and the question of the basis of political independence from the DP are being fiercely debated.
it is a duplicate 31.Mar.2004 01:59

indy volunteer

Whoops 31.Mar.2004 15:56

Jeff Starks

I hadn't noticed that posts related to elections are being grouped on a special page.

Friendly regards.

Good for pdx.indymedia for adding separate (s)election 2004 pages ! ! ! 01.Apr.2004 03:08

politics as possible

Genius ! ! Pure genius ! ! (Also I hope that reposting of major stories and comment at WSWS will continue.)