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forest defenders June 5-6 Portland Actions and Organizing Workshops!
Meet 10:30-11am at S.E. 39th and Ankeny
Laurelhurst Park, 11am-5pm (each day)
Self-serve lunch and snacks will be provided.

ACTION and ORGANIZING 101 Longstanding action oriented groups like the Cascadia Forest Alliance and others are no longer active in Portland - please come and join others interested in revitalizing Portland's tradition of active, radical, grassroots resistance! Beyond letter writing and changing our consumer habits there is a world of grassroots organizing and resistance--from meeting bulldozers in the forests to CEOs in their boardrooms. Come learn basic skills for creating successful actions to help save the little that remains of ancient forests. Meet others that share concerns about the corporate domination of public lands. Turn your concerns into ACTION. Topics will include: group building, know your rights, strategy, tactics, nonviolence, consensus, media, outreach, anti-oppression & the environmental movement, the Northwest Forest Plan, Mt. Hood timber sales, First Aid and more... [M]any of these workshops would be useful to a variety of groups and situations and we welcome all levels of experience. Read More