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Reagan's death should be a time of massive celebration and rallying

The death of Ronald Reagan should rally all of us who believe in the power of the people and the good inherent in our society to rally at the final downfall of a man who personified the destruction of the American middle class, and single-handedly created the Drug War, Al Qaida, Iraq, and a culture of unprecedented fear.
I'm not one to celebrate the death of an honorable foe. I consider it a time to honor the good traits of the one who has passed.

But the death of Reagan should be a time to celebrate. Realize that without Reagan's charisma, there would be no W, no mass culture of fear, no 9/11. The man gave the elites who would destroy the American middle class a public face to rally around, and a slick package with which to sell the voters on an agenda of hatred and fear.

It has succeeded for them, beyond their wildest dreams.

We who believe in the forces of good and the inherent value of all people should be rallying in the streets, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, in celebration of the final downfall of a man who produced so much fear, hate, and death that it has nearly undermined our society.

Why are we not trumpeting the evils that this man brought to our society? Why are we not screaming from the highest peaks that the harbinger of doom is gone? Why are we not using this moment to remind the world what the Drug War, Reaganomics, and the transition from Cold War to US Empire has done for the people of the world and the world political climate?

No, his death is not victory in itself, but it is an opportunity to reclaim a bit of hope. If we do not take control of this moment, believe me, the neo-cons will.


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Glad He's Gone, But Dancing On His Grave Doesn't Help 06.Jun.2004 10:12

Cheney Watch

My reaction is not to feed into the lionizing of St. Reagan and not to allow others to whitewash and ignore the warts on his Presidency, as the Republican Party and our media seems inclined to do. Certainly he should not be rewarded with his face on a dime, more things named after him, etc. To disparage him too aggressively or celebrate his "defeat" by Altzheimers just makes us look bad. People have such short memories and many of them are recalling the "teflon President" . . . the "media feel-good Reagan" and not the man who moved increasingly obliviously through his Presidency, making bad decisions and appointments, manipulated by others. In the end, he was seen by the rest of the world as a clown and a loose cannon - someone undeserving of anything but ceremonial respect.

Celebrating his death 06.Jun.2004 11:37

Catalina Eddie

If it had been 25 years ago I'd be ecstatic, but he's already done his damage. Now we should direct our efforts to freeing John Hinkley and telling him that George Bush, John Kerry and Jodie Foster have been having a menange a trois


Moved to tears by a terrorist's natural death 06.Jun.2004 15:20

Comandante Hector

What's to celebrate? I'm moved to tears that he didn't meet the end he so richly deserved: to have his face burned off with a blowtorch, just like so many victims of the Salvadoran death squads he financed.

whos john hinkley? 06.Jun.2004 17:33


whos john hinkley?

Drug War 06.Jun.2004 18:30


Perhaps if you weren't so caught up in your crass revelry over Reagan's death, you'd realize that Nixon was largely responsible for the "war on drugs."

Who John Hinckley, Jr. Is 06.Jun.2004 18:30


John Hinckley
John Hinckley

Who's john hinkley jeez 06.Jun.2004 21:01


I remeber exactly were I was in early april 1980 when that hapened.
I yelled with pure joy out my window when that silly, EVIL, sci-fi, strength through superior firepower of a prez was taken off the count. Someone whooooooo hooooo'd when I did it too. I listened for more, folks should be banging pots and shit still cause REAGAN is fucking finnally DEAD. How many thousands of PUNK rock 80's songs were about that man and his administration. I want a statement from Jello and I want it NOW.

yeah but that post neglects 06.Jun.2004 21:09

the Bush Hinckley link

Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley Jr., who allegedly shot Reagan, was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the vice president's sons.

"From what I know and I've heard, they (the Hinckleys) are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign."

Sharon Bush (Neil's ex-wife)


Which is a tenuous link; but with both families heavily invested into oil it makes one wonder if all the oil fumes turn people crazy.

Bunch of sick SOBs 07.Jun.2004 05:38


The hateful comments above are sickening.
Reagan was not an evil person.
It's disgusting to see so many hateful people
blame one man for everything under the sun.

Drug War redux 07.Jun.2004 07:07


Yes, it was Nixon who initiated the actions that led to the Drug War. However, under Carter, the infantile program against marijuana and cocaine nearly came to an end. Reagan is the person responsible for funding the drug war, for scaring Americans into thinking that "the drug menace" is around every corner, for creating the crack phenomenon, and for threatening casual marijuan users with lengthy jail terms, loss of home and family, and loss of voting rights.

Another poster says that Reagan was not a hateful man. Is that so? Consider the massive amounts of fear his administration generated among American people- "commies at our doorstep", "psychotic druggies everywhere", "welfare mothers driving Cadillacs". All programs of a man, who if not hateful, had a deep resentment for the less privileged of America.

Other posters have better elaborated the reasons we should be standing up to the right-wing, flag-waving media this week as they "celebrate" the man's "legacy". I am even more resolute today in saying that we need to stand up and remind everyone how Reagan destroyed tens of millions of American lives.

Remember, before Reagan, there was hardly a term for "two-income family". Now, we hardly know what vacation, family time, and community sentiment look like.

we should party 07.Jun.2004 10:30


Hell yes we should party, I'm just upset I never got a video of that SOB geting spunge bath to send in to America's funniest home videos. Come on Reagan got what he deserved a long life followed by senility and death. (Any one remember Iran Contra I know Reagan never did)