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My Brother's still in Jail. Let Freedom Ring, not reign

People are being warehoused w/o habeus or due process...
My brother got swept up Tuesday night. His crime was probably wearing a "chickenhawk" tee-shirt, accusing
the republicans of being a bunch of draft dodgers who are now sending our childern to die after they used
their connections to get out of Vietnam.

He was not planning to get arrested. I got a call from him Wednesday to say that he'd been in
Manhatten Central Booking for 24 hrs. Conditions okay,but crowded, no place to sleep. He got thru
to his host family this morning... same thing. I'm glad he doesn't appear to be in the piers now. He thought that
he'd be out soon, but they haven't "processed" him yet.. or some such stuff..

They're deliberately losing people (slowing down booking process) as a cheap trick
to warehouse them w/o charges until the convention is over. I guess if you're going to tromp on
speech and assembly, you might as well ignore Habeus Corpus and due process as well.

I hope whoever had the connections to orchestrate this crap in NY has the money to pay off the lawsuits and
crap the city will have to go thru to defend its unconstitutional behavior.

As worried as I am about my brother, one of the most disturbing things I've seen is that brainwashed
gaggle of idiots in MSG on TV with signs: "LET FREEDOM REIGN".

Kings and Queens REIGN. Freedom RINGS. In the sayings, the quotes, the patriotic songs
that I learned as a little kid in school. Freedom RINGS.

bravo alex 02.Sep.2004 14:57


Well said, man,
props to your bro, he's making a difference.

it might have rained in pdx, today,
but freedom is indeed, ringing,


cheers to you and your brother______________>

Thanks for pointing that out... 02.Sep.2004 15:03

Larry Felch

I too noticed the signs that said, "Let freedom reign." I thought that it was ring, and grumbled to myself about it. But seeing it throughout the Garden made me think that it was me who was wrong. I should've known better. I guess I fell for some of that Republican deception. Thought I was above it.

He's out now 02.Sep.2004 16:02


Just to update... I just got a call. He's out after about 43 hrs of BS detention.

The piers sound really nasty.. old bus garage with diesel all over. Said their clothes got covered in diesel and

Thank you, ACLU & NLG people. And thank you NY Judge who enforced Habeus Corpus. Somebody actually read
the constitution!