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NY Scanner update

We need 12 more busses down here...
Police rallying at 42 and 12th....

"No pedestrian traffic on 8th av unless they have business on this block for the next hour."

They are re-routing traffic like crazy.

Someone continues to disrupt the channel by broadcasting cellphones ringing, recordings of elmer fudd, porky pig, etc.

"Time now 21 50 hours. No unauthorized over citywide 1 frequency"

36th st, 400 people?

"The police officer is Harassing the male?"
"(mumble mumble) IAB"
new update 02.Sep.2004 18:06


Now they're swapping cellphone numbers.

update 02.Sep.2004 18:17


"Make sure all personelle are at their posts, I will advise when we implement the pedestrian freeze."

tracing 02.Sep.2004 18:19


"all units stay off the air let communications do the trace"

-- they seem to be trying to trace the disruptor.

bush on the move 02.Sep.2004 18:25


"The route's frozen, K. Freeze the route."

"Pedestrian freezes are in effect at this time." -- to all units in the vicinity of the waldorf and the motorcade

"Ensure all your units are facing the crowd at the motorcade"

more 02.Sep.2004 18:31


"East 207 and hull, two confirmed males shot at that location."

more 02.Sep.2004 18:35


"lift the freeze on 34 east of 5th ave"

"open up (lex?)"
"boy here they come"

"All detours are lifted at this time"

more 02.Sep.2004 18:38


All personelle from the waldorf are being moved to a new post.

movements 02.Sep.2004 18:43


the presidential detail from the waldorf is moving to 51 and park for a post change.

The disruptor is transmitting garbage again, while the commander from the waldorf is trying to give directions to the presidential detail. That seems to me to be a fast way to get a visit from the SS.

more 02.Sep.2004 18:56


they're letting all traffic but trucks back on 34th st.

more 02.Sep.2004 19:27


Crowd from union square is now heading west.

Some cops are now switching to citywide 2.

more 02.Sep.2004 19:39


Demonstrators about to reach 5th ave and 15th street.

Large crowd near garden. Sounds of angry chanting in background. "We're talking about hundreds of people at this time" westbound on 15th. probably take a right on 8th ave. Aproximately 500.

"herd em in"
"bring em on"
"arrest all those motherfuckers" <-- I think this was the disruptor.

more 02.Sep.2004 19:43


Zone 1 busses are going up 34th between 7th and 8th because there are cars parked on the street they planned to use.

more 02.Sep.2004 19:51


19 and broadway injured MOS

A cop got knocked off his bike. "It was a vehicle accident, not a demonstrator."

We're gonna get the muthafucka who knocked him down! <-- or something along those lines.

"slow it down, slow it down" <-- at least some of the cops are keeping a cool head.

more 02.Sep.2004 19:52


"somebody has to tell them that bush is going to win"
"that's right baby"

more 02.Sep.2004 19:54


There's no more protesters at the park.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:05


front of march at 27th

more 02.Sep.2004 20:08


Presidential detail has been moved back to the motorcade route.

Any cars parked on 34th will be towed unless they're part of the motorcade.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:10


Wow! The cops are reporting orderly protesters hanging banners on their own 6th floor balcony!

more 02.Sep.2004 20:20


They just implemented the "pedestrian freeze" on the motorcade route again.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:23


They're trying to trace the disruptor again.

Arrest teams near w16th st and 8-9th ave.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:28


8th ave southbound near 28 sh helicopter doing a flyby to see how many protesters are leaving, as requested by the mobile field command post.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:30


Lift pedestrian freeze between 5 and 7th.

more 02.Sep.2004 20:36


cops are now arguing about politics...

"Four more years"
"Two more months"
"Four more years without a contract."

Delegate busses are now moving.

more 02.Sep.2004 21:17


42 and 7th protestors getting a little bit confrontational with delegates.

"Write 'em up, steve!"