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Any Portlanders watch TV news?

Was there coverage?
I did interviews with all of the Portland TV stations and the Oregonian today about the situation in NYC regarding the detainees. Don't know if it made it to the 6:00 shows, if so how did it come out?
not that i saw 02.Sep.2004 20:32


i watched the last few minutes of bush's speech (crap, of course), and there was no mention of the protests outside by dan rather or one of his other corp news cronies.

Uninspired Speaker - Zombie Audience 02.Sep.2004 21:00

North Portlander

Three protesters (or disgruntled Republicans) attempted to disrupt the pResident's speech, but they were quickly shouted down and hustled out of the auditorium by security.

There was a quick view of the protestors outside with a comment that they were a couple of blocks away. The excuse the media is giving for not covering more of the protests is that they "don't want another Chicago". I've also heard everyone damn the protesters with faint praise, admitting that the protests are peaceful but quickly adding that there have been hundreds of arrests (inferring that the people arrested were anarchists, troublemakers or otherwise dangerous people off their nut). I heard that someone interrupted Chris The Screamer's broadcast outdoors sometime today - anyone know anything more about that?

I don't doubt that there are more people outside Madison Square Garden than inside.

Did anyone spot Cheney's lesbian daughter on the stage after the speech? I was looking for her and couldn't spot her.

No mention of Osama Bin Laden (which was particularly ironic since Bush made a point of mentioning a NYC fireman who said to him "Don't let us down!"), no mention of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no mention of anthrax, outing CIA agents, military service or lack thereof, no explanation for the repeated use of the term "Hope". Doesn't that infer that there's a problem with national attitude or direction that needs to be addressed? A present *lack* of hope? And if so, well then whose fault is that?

And all those proposed domestic bandaids and incentives . . . how are they going to be paid for if the tax cuts are going to be made permanent?

More questions than answers. More shadow than substance.

More specifically... 02.Sep.2004 21:06


I was interviewed about my daughter who has now been in custody for 60 hours and has not yet been arraigned. The good news is I just got off the phone with an attorney and she's only being charged with a misdemeanor, not a felony, but they're continuing to hold her and even the attorneys there don't know why. I did interviews about the sweeps and the conditions at Pier 57 with all the PDX tv stations, was hoping they'd have some blurb about it tonight.

Amazing enough, even PDX Fox news called and were very sympathetic and interested, at least during the interview, don't know how they'll play it if they show it.

Football More Important? 02.Sep.2004 21:13

Charlie Girl

Not TV news, but has anyone else noticed that Air America was preempted this evening for some fucking PSU football game?

What Einstein made that programming decision?

Clean Channel 02.Sep.2004 23:13


My last TV was blown away by hurricane Andrew 12 years ago...saw no need to replace it, along with a lot of other stuff that had come to own me, instead of the other way around.

The only possible consequence that I've discerned is that I'm unable to come up with a word for some component of TV pop culture trivia every once in a while, when I'm working a crossword puzzle. And that's not all that often. It's scary how much I know about the TV culture, just from hearing and reading about it in audio, WWW and print media.

Best wishes to each, in your own path to freedom.

Media Watch 03.Sep.2004 00:05


I watch only a little TV news while doing my endless home business homework. Ive seen little on the outside protests on TV. But I am very proud that by writing a heavy national TV advertiser I was able to convince them to significantly change their ads for the good of green consumerism. Probably one of the best coups of my life.

Don't know about Portland 03.Sep.2004 11:32


Don't know about Portland, but there was TONS of tv coverage throughout Europe on this one. Great job RNC activists! One more media black eye for the Bushsters.