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video report back on NYC cops abuse of PDX protesters

This is a 9 minute video interview with Amelia & Chris about their arrest & incarceration in NYC. The file is 10 megabytes. The audio is easy to understand but noisy. However, it covers important subjects:

massive preemptive arrests and penning protesters in a toxic waste site.
Guantanamo on the Hudson
Guantanamo on the Hudson
Find out more about what really happened at the RNC protests this Saturday September 18th at 7pm at the IWW hall at 617 E. Burnside at the report back from the Republican National Convention. Including the: NY police tactics, arrests, legal proceedings, jail support, etc.

excerpt from the interview:

Chris: I was taken first and loaded into an unmarked van .... We were brought to a place called Pier 57 which is right on the waterfront on the West Side Highway.

Amelia: It was an old bus depot in the 50's, it was a bus garage. ... there had been a fire in the 90's which had released a lot of asbestos.

Chris: ... the walls were still lined with asbestos, and all the chemicals were still on the floor. I was told by one of the medics that if you sat or laid down on the ground people were complaining of respiratory problems or chemical burns and rashes so I was pretty careful not to do that. But several people I know have pretty serious chemical burns.
If Anyone Is Having Problem Viewing The Video... 16.Sep.2004 13:06


Use Quicktime. I tried a few other players before things finally worked, but they did. Thought I'd pass that information along for anyone out there that might be having trouble.