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Dick Cheney Friday morning Oregon City

Dick Cheney will be in Oregon City Friday morning, please come out and welcome him to the Northwest. Someone so corrupt and evil should not pass through unnoticed.
What: Oregon City Town Hall meeting
Where: 10:05a.m. Friday
Where: Abernathy Center, 606 15th Street

If you want to get a ticket to attend inside call the Republican party at 503-293-4142

If you want to take a stand for the first ammendment get there early and be loud. Take tri-met to
Oregon City Transit Center then walk 0.4 mile northeast to 606 15th St


The stalking continues.... 16.Sep.2004 12:20


Isn't it creepy the way Cheney goes around stalking Kerry, and Edwards who was in Oregon City last week. I guess their strategy is to get the last word, and make sure its a whopping big lie.

Thanks for the heads up. YES!! I want to be there with friends. I'll bring bagels for everybody that shows to dis Cheney. He needs to know that he can't skulk around Oregon without risking some public backlash. The real audience is the supporters who come out. I'm not sure what it takes to get through to them. What do they need to hear? Abortion is irrelevant? One party rule is bad for all of us? Bush is a chimp? I don't know. Any suggestions?

shoes 16.Sep.2004 16:03


It would be great if dick could see a thousand of pairs of red white and blue boots.

Those jesus freak war loving extremist might be able to sort those out that can go to heaven.