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Sacramento: City Council refuses to rescind "Son of Patriot Act"


Remember the repressive parade ordinance that the Sacramento City Council passed last year before the USDA Agricultural Ministerial? The city council refused to rescind the odious law at its meeting last night.

It was one of the most bizarre meetings I've ever been to. The public testimony featured a self-described "libertarian" who supported the ordinance, a wacky "gun rights" lobbyist who supporting outlawing slingshots and water bottles, and a video by Dave Jenest's Citizen's Community Watch /Patriot Watch that showed the "evils" of black bloc anarchists at the Sacramento Ag Expo last year. The video was so bad that It was almost like a self parody of right wing stereotypes and jargon about anti-globalization and anti--war activists.

I, like much of the audience, was rolling in laughter throughout much of the video. It was much better than Reality TV could ever be.

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