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Urgent Prisoner Support Statement

In September 04 two men, Justus Ireland & Joshua Demmitt, were charged with arson. Their arrests occurred after a third co-defendant, Harrison Burrows, entered into a cooperation agreement with the police admitted his own involvement in an ALF arson and then named the other two as assisting him.
Justus Ireland is charged with involvement in the ALF arson which occurred
against an animal husbandry target in Utah. He is also individually charged
with an arson against the Stock Building Supply company. This latter action
was claimed by the ELF. Following his being charged Ireland has been
remanded into custody. However ELP is NOT supporting Ireland as he is a
known sex offender who has previously carried out a violent sexual assault
on a female child. A quick search on the web will bring up Ireland's sexual
offending history. ELP does not support sex offenders and therefore will
not be supporting Ireland either now or at any time in the future. In
solidarity with his young victim we would encourage others to take a similar

Joshua Demmitt is accused of involvement in the ALF animal husbandry arson.
Despite our questioning his choice of friends, there is no known reason for
ELP not to support Joshua should he go to prison. Joshua is currently on
bail and if anyone knows him we would encourage them to get Joshua to
contact ELP as soon as possible.

The traitor & police informant Harrison Burrows has already pleaded guilty
and is expected to be sentenced in January 2005.

If anyone hears of anyone encouraging support for either Ireland or Burrows
please warn them of these two people's histories.