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Last Thursday protest art openings

In THE KNOW theatre Bill Ellis will be previewing a new RNC protest video and in the main gallery there will be an exhibition of photos from the RNC protests by Bette Lee (black & white images) and Brian Thomas (color images). Bette is the Portland Alliance's staff photographer and Brian Thomas uploaded to Portland Indymedia photo essays on all the big anti-war protests. Brian will also briefly highlight the new edition of "If Monks had Macs," his landmark working man's guide to Western Civilization.

A portion of the sales from the Alberta Street KNOW show will go to NYC legal defense fund. There will be a separate multimedia anti-war art show at the Alberta Arts pavillion with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Northwest Veterans for Peace.

Presentation at 8 pm on Oct. 28
Photography on display starting at 5 pm
at The Know 2026 ne Alberta

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