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Operation plymouth rock under way in Iraq is yet another word for genocide!

As I sit this morning listening to link tv I heard about "operation plymouth rock" happening in Iraq right now. What comes to my mind is GENOCIDE carried out by these so called christians sitting in dc running this ("NAZI") government now.
I wonder if anyone is really listening to what is going on in Iraq? I have to relate to you about what the europeans did upon arriving at a place well known as "plymouth rock." This started the genocide of millions of people here in the usa. Peoples of color that the europeans deemed as none christian and needed to be killed if these peoples would not convert to this european religion referred to as christianity.

They (the europeans) used this as a means to rape the women of the 500+ nations and kill off the chlidren, the elders and steal the land of those who have walked on it for generations before the arrival of these europeans.

They came, they saw and took whatever they wanted from the first peoples of this country using this so called god from their country many moons ago.

Now these same chtristians are using their so called god to rape, killing the children and the elders of Iraq for the oil that country holds. All of this done under some so called european god that speaks to the murdering butcher sitting in the oval office in dc (george w. bush). This is nothing but out right killing to gain control of the oil which Iraq has.

This is nothing but GENOCIDE on people of color and because these people don't beleive the the european so called god. Who never had a thing to do with september 11, 2001.

Remember this about these so called christians, they used their so called god to kill people of color in this country not too many years ago. Remember the KKK! and what they did to the people of color in this country!