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9.11 investigation

Grover Norquist...the new enemy....a terrorist??

Grover Norquist...if you haven't heard of him, you should go to google.com NOW and do a search on his name. He's more dangerous than Karl Rove and more deceptive than Dick Cheney. Read this for a link between him and Osama bin Laden
So one thing that we may have overlooked with Grover Norquist is the fact that he is a terrorist. Here's a way to link Grover with Osama bin Laden in one easy step.

"In 1979, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, a 22-year-old bin Laden traveled there to fight the Soviets alongside the Afghan resistance fighters known as the mujahedeen.

He used his family's connections and wealth to raise money for the Afghan resistance and provide the mujahedeen with logistical and humanitarian aid, and participated in several battles in the Afghan war.

As the war with the Soviets drew to a close, bin Laden formed al Qaeda (Arabic for "the base"), an organization of ex-mujahedeen and other supporters channeling fighters and funds to the Afghan resistance."

(source:  http://itscool.com/OsamaBinLaden.htm )


Regarding Norquist:

"Hobbies nod Pastimes: "I read murder mysteries, um, [long pause] for fun. During the eighties, l was very active with the Afghan resistance, and in Mozambique and Angola. Did a lot of political training for the Krieble Institute in Europe. I've been to all the Eastern European countries. I've just been to Japan for the founding of Japanese for Tax Reform."

(source:  http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1571/is_n3_v14/ai_20174381/pg_2)

Hm. So both Grover Norquist and Osama bin Laden were very active with the Afghan resistance.

WHY, for God's sake, are we not making this a campaign to destroy this asswipe's credibility???

homepage: homepage: http://mlg.modblog.com

oh, and check this out too 24.Nov.2004 11:05


Marlena archives 25.Nov.2004 10:40


I remember Dave Emery has a long series on Grover in the 80's which was broadcast on kboo. I know they archive all that stuff. He's a bigshot in the republicans' "ethnic outreach council," with ties to many nazi collaborators.
I think I heard norquist on "fresh air" and he fessed up that his application to work on the recent bush campaign read something like "I am exceedingly obnoxious." He deserves closer scrutiny.

more on Grover Norquist 26.Nov.2004 00:28

media transparency

see the link at *bottom* (grover_norquist.htm),

also this link to an excellent overview discussing Grover and Americans for Tax Reform  http://www.mediatransparency.org/recipients/americans_for_tax_reform.htm (ATR) entitled "The Apparat":