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A Tribute To American Soldiers

This is a memorial to the American soldiers who died
for another American lie!
This was sent to me by a friend of mine, and would like to share this
with you.

A very disturbing image, but yet there is a need to the truth.

War is not the answer. Dubya sucks!
I wonder if any of these spirits were the daughters and sons
of senators, congressmen, or Emperor George II.

This photo is a composite of American soldiers who have died in Iraq
over the last year.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, hundreds of
lives. And growing daily.
Bush, Warhol, Serault and Impressions of Death 24.Nov.2004 18:27


Wednesday, November 24, 2004


This is a highly provocative piece of contemporary art which, like
Peter Brughel's plague paintings of the 15th Century, portrays
the cause of death in the world. The portraits of the deceased
which make up this portrait are the direct result of the actions
of the individual being "portrayed".

Who has hired this actor?

How enlightened are we? Has the renaissance come to an end?

Some impressions:

--Serault, the Seine and pointalism...

--Andy Warhol's exhibition portraits of the four convicts (which was
cancelled, Andy got paid)

--Andy Warhol's portraits of the rich and the famous

--How Viet-Nam, Mai-Lai, Kent State, and "here's your first lesson in
journalism" make life, often perpetrated by the rich and the famous,
ultimately make life less rich and famous

--As the deceased persons in the individual portraits should be in our contemporary press


Victims Of The Empire 24.Nov.2004 18:36


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