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Reflection of Campaign 2004

What America Politics has become
Reflection of 2004 Election

While watching the movie "Mission", I couldn't help but think back into my past. The scene that haunted me or triggered my inner thoughts was when Robert D had to apologize for calling a person a liar before the majesty, even though that person did lie.

It took me back into my childhood, when I was told that I must apologize before my class for something I didn't do. Although the context was a little different, I couldn't help but feel the emotion I had to go through at that time and the similarities of those emotions from the movie.

Prior to this, a week earlier I had ran across another movie where one person had to admit that he cheated on a test, even though he was not the one that cheated. If nobody were to admit guilt, the whole class would be expelled from school.

Nobody came forward, so the class met in private and voted who they thought cheated, they voted incorrectly, they voted on biased opinions and failed to really see the truth behind the lie's. They voted guilty to the most innocent person in that class.

I couldn't help to revisit the past of highly profiled political events over the years including the last election and how all the examples listed above reflect a huge portion of American Politics of today.

I reflected on how much I've changed since six grade, and how much politics and society as also changed.

Would I apologize for something I didn't do, like I did in six grade? "NO", "NEVER", nor would I try to justify my action for refusing to do so. I'm not saying I wish for conflict, but instead to honor myself enough to stand up for myself.

After all why explain it?

Years later I would argue with my lawyer about something. When I explained to her what I wanted to say to the Judge, she refused to let me, saying it will only make me
look like I'm trying to deny everything and not be responsible.

Her exact words were "It will only make you look bad", in which I responded "and I don't look bad already?" What I wanted to say, Was indeed the actual truth, and here was a person that said it would do me no good to tell the truth, because how it might sound.

Her point was well taken. People will make up their own determination of guilty or not, truth or lie, regardless. I often do.

Remembering back to six grade, I remember the teacher saying "I know you did it", and that was after I told him it wasn't me. He threatened me to apologize or else.
At the time I asked myself what does it really matter? So I got up front in class and apologized, so the class could continue, no biggie I thought.

But it did matter. It mattered all year long; it was a VERY big deal. I never looked at that teacher the same from there on, and it ruined the class for me.

Did anyone else in that class care what emotional feelings were going on inside of my head from this emotional stress of being falsy accused? Probably not, except maybe the actual person who did it and the teacher who wanted to assert power and control over the class.

Maybe that is what is wrong in politics today, we are so far removed from all the lies and the truths, and we don't know whom to trust, so we become indifferent to it all.

It's pretty hard to regulate something that seems so out of control. When you are so far removed, you can't take it personal, therefore it becomes not so important to you.

Is that the very reason we allow politics to get away with the lie's they create and the slamming of each other during campaign time?

Most political leaders of today either join into the fun of lying, campaign smearing, or they get trampled on and run into retreat. It is personal to them, maybe that is why so many start taking extreme measures, even though those measures are unjust.

I believe that there was at least one other person in that class besides the guilty party that knew who was actually guilty.

What would happen if all of America decided to disallow political corruption, lies and slander in campaigns, and leadership?

During the last election, I watched cheap shot after cheap shot from every campaign. I should have been insulted from it all, but I wasn't, is it because I have now accepted that this is what America is?

Who honestly thought that John Kerry or George W Bush were the Very best two Americans alive to lead our country? I didn't, and I seriously doubt many do.

I watched commercials on TV, telling us to vote, even taking extreme measures of placing guilt and shame on those who chose to not participate, why couldn't they put that same campaign in fair politics and fair campaigning?

When do we start holding our leaders accountable, and when do we start noticing and paying more attention to our government?

One example was John Kerry. He continued to argue over and over again that George W Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

John Kerry voted "yes" on the invasion of Iraq. In my opinion I think John Kerry knew that Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction. I knew, so how could he no know..

So he is either lying, or ignorant. Neither of those two characteristics I would want in a leader of a Country.

Then there is George W Bush, obviously I feel he lied about Iraq, if only to give his Corporate Buddies profits for many years to come because of being in Iraq.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, you can never destroy all terrorist and all terrorist are not in Iraq.

Have we been able to stop Murder? No it can't happen. So can we stop all terrorist? Doubt it. The very fact that so many companies have tie's to George Bush and seem to profit from this War concerns me enough to question his very motive of invasion.

And yet not only did Congress and the Senate okay the invasion, but rare was it for Americans to speak up about it, or if they did, was hammered down by right wing zealots spouting patriotism. "You're not American", "Stand by your President".

I don't know what is worse, pretending to be a patriot by supporting a government built on corruption and lies. Or being ignorant enough to believe everything they tell you must be the whole truth?

I'm tired of lies. "Yes" it is hard to know the truth when so many lie. I will never forget President Clinton, when he said that he did not lie before the court. "NO" he just didn't tell the truth.

Maybe what should happen, is we need to punish are leaders for deceiving us by lying or being crooked before us. Maybe we should consider it a crime against us the people, and hold it with the same grain of salt has a spy or trader.

So America, when will it become personal enough before we say "NO MORE"?