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So why *should* anyone in the Ukraine believe in an exit poll financed by Western interests favoring one pro-Western candidate?
Sec State Powell has announced that the United States does not accept as legitimate the recent vote in the Ukraine, citing "credible reports of fraud and abuse." Actually, the only real suggestion of fraud comes from the exit poll clash with the ballot results. Ukraine has a very transparent voting system, watched carefully by many citizens every step of the way.

Those Rove-Cheney-Bush apologists who have touted the party line -- "exit polls are not accurate" are hypocritical when the subject switches to foreign elections.

In the Ukraine, if anything was faked, it was the exit polls, not the ballots or counts.

The Ukraine exit polls favored pro-Western opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko and so did the Bush administration. Who paid for the exit polls? According to the Los Angeles Times , the poll showing the widest Yushchenko lead was "financed in part by the U.S. Embassy and other Western diplomatic missions."

Huh? What would most Americans say about the legitimacy of an exit poll in America financed by the Ukrainian embassy and other former Soviet republics? Not hard to guess.

So why should anyone in the Ukraine believe in an exit poll financed by Western interests favoring one pro-Western candidate?

It gets worse: Reuters tells us that the organizations conducting the most important exit polls were the Kiev International Institute for Sociology and the Razumkov Center. (Another poll, financed by the government, still gave Yushchenko a victory, albeit a much narrower one.)

Who supports the Razumkov Center? According to their website , they receive financing from various Ukrainian government institutions -- but also from the "Democracy Encouragement Foundation of the U.S. Embassy," as well as the Rand corporation, Britain's International Institute for Strategic Studies (!!!), an entity known as the Brinkford company , and a number of other western sources of much-needed hard currency. (The list also includes non-western foreign associates, such as Iran.)

Look into funding for the Kiev International Institute for Sociology, and I bet you will find funding from the usual suspects who bascially created Sociology and have mestacised into almost every area of same.

Follow the money. The money behind the Ukrainian exit polls traces back to the usual suspects, who are not at all the disinterested observers they pretend to be.

So the Ukrainian exit polls get considered valid (actually very doubtful), while the spin in the U.S. is to discredit the (probably very valid) exit polls of the Nov. 2 Election. Cute. Of course George Schultz, his crew of Vulcans, and the Families with the old walnut-panneled rooms know nothing at all about what's going on here. And The CIA is being cleaned out to help assure we won't learn anything through leaks.

Pravda , hardly unbaised ("Socialist! Socialist! Communist!", they cry), nevertheless offers a few interesting observations:

"Where was this condemnation during the appalling electoral fraud committed in the USA on November 2nd?"

"Mention of 'electoral fraud and abuse' from an American observer was laughable, after the two fiascos in the USA which saw the most flagrant examples of vote-rigging and electoral fixing in modern history."

"When the Republican Party deploys electronic voting machines bought from Republican Party fundraisers who promised before the election to help the President to win, the OSCE observers describe it as localised and insignificant incidents. However, when the incompent stooge Yushchenko fails to win in the Ukraine, it is fraud."

"Viktor Yushchenko, the defeated centre-right candidate, is well known to Ukrainian society because he was already Prime Minister for two years between 1999 and 2001."

(Joseph Cannon did the heavy lifting here. Somtum wrote it his way.)


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