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Ayad Allawi -- Iraq's Quisling

The Amerikan masters keeping their their puppet dancing.
Source:  http://www.albasrah.net/
Published: November 25, 2004 Author: Translated by Muhammad Abu Nasr

Puppet "Iraqi ministry of health" orders Baghdad hospitals not to admit wounded patients from al-Fallujah.

The patriotic Iraqi website albasrah.net reported Thursday that the puppet so-called "Iraqi health ministry had issued instructions in the last two days to hospitals in Baghdad not to accept wounded persons from al-Fallujah for what it called "security reasons."

Sources inside the puppet "health ministry" and in several Baghdad hospitals told albasrah.net that such instructions had been sent to all hospitals in the last two days. The sources reported that a number of Baghdad hospitals were complying with these instructions and refusing to admit wounded patients from al-Fallujah, thus putting their lives at risk.

An ambulance driver who drives seriously injured patients to Baghdad when the medical facilities in al-Fallujah feel they cannot handle the cases said that he had brought patients around to several hospitals in Baghdad but had been unable to find one that would agree to admit the patients. As a result one of them died.

Sources in the "health ministry" said that the notices not to accept al-Fallujah patients were issued under the category of "security notices" but the only conclusion that can be drawn from them is that Baghdad hospitals are being ordered to give up their humanitarian role and mission for the benefit of the political and party authorities.

Albasrah.net notes that since the US invasion, the puppet "ministry of health" has been controlled by administrative cadres selected from among the leaders of the Shi'i chauvinist and collaborationist parties known as the Da'wah and Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, whose forces entered Iraq together with the US troops when they invaded the country in spring 2003. Leaders of these parties were given seats in the US-installed puppet government in occupied Baghdad.

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