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Nov 26 04 mass was a good time

No shopping, more biking
i wanted to start a thread about how much fun Critical mass was last night.
Although there wasnt that many of us, we all cheered when the cops all drove off to bother someone else. I think they wwent to the x-mas tree lighting or something. I even got a free piece of reflector tape to be legal. We discussed how mass used to be, and might be again. No police escort, and a group of bikers, riding together for fun.
Thanks to everyone that was there, I certainly enjoyed myself and hope this is a glimpse of how enjoyable future rides can be.
I Missed It 27.Nov.2004 11:47


The Mass had already departed by the time I got to the NPB, so I went to Pioneer Square, hoping the Mass would pass. No such luck. Thanks for the report. I was with you in spirit, as I organized a solo-Mass on my way home.

Kritikul 27.Nov.2004 22:24


We were there, but alas, we were without bikes!