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who are the biggest terrorists on the block?
The terrorist nations

President Bush likes to talk about them, Vice President Cheney loves to point his finger at them, and so it would seem that we know what a terrorist nation is and how the world reacts to them.

I think we can all agree that a terrorist nation attacks without regard to the status of the population. A good example would be a Palestinian bombing a bus full of kids, I know when I hear that a bomb has slaughtered the innocent I get very angry and raise my fist to the heavens and ask how can people who do this go to the mosque on Friday and pray to God for forgiveness and compassion when they murder little children?

Seems like that is all I hear, that the Palestinian is a bloodthirsty fiend who kills innocent women and children and then laughs about it all the way to Friday prayers. Now I know what a terrorist is and we must stop them at all cost, because to fight them over there is better than fighting them here in our cities. I think I understand now what a terrorist is and what a terrorist nation is. A terrorist nation is one, like our president said, a nation who helps in any way to support a terrorist group. Nice simple definitions, I like those.

Americans love a good race, who is winning and who is losing, so can we find out who is winning the war on terrorism?

The United Nations is made up of about 200 nations, (last count as of 12/01/04 was 197) in the "Coalition of the Willing," we never had more than 30 nations join us in the fight against the terrorists. Sec. Powell often said there were 45, but could not tell us who the others were for fear of retaliation by the terrorists. No matter, after his UN appearance nobody in their right mind would believe Sec. Powell about anything, he has lost all credibility with world leaders and is on his way out.

One side funny story is that being great in math, (joke) I though that if you divided 30 by the number of nations in the world that would give you the percentage of nations in the coalition. The first time I did that on a calculator, I made a mistake and divided 200 by 30 and got 6.6666666, any religious fanatic will be freaked out by that mistake. The true number is about 15% of the world supported us and are members of the coalition, which means 85%, said no to our request. Who said no to us?

Africa, 52 nations said no
Non-Aligned Nations 116 said no
Canada and the leading economies on four continents all have said no troops or no support. Germany, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

So, now you know why our troops are dying in such large numbers, what about the race, are we winning?

We have lost over 1200 of our finest and are moving very fast to 1300. We have spent untold amounts of money first to blow things and people up and then repair the damage. I don't know how you repair sons, daughters, mother, fathers, grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunts, and other human beings who we have slaughtered, some say 100,000 have died and never were terrorists, just people like you and I trying to survive one more day. Well, are we the biggest terrorist on the block?

In the last few days, there have been charges against the great nation of freedom, by the International Red Cross that we still are torturing prisoners at Gitmo, in Cuba. That is OK, they are rotten human beings who kill innocent people and any treatment is allowed------WRONG!

We have been accused of using gas in Fallujah, could this be possible from the same nation who yelled from every housetop that Saddam used gas on his own people and that is one of the reasons we had to go into Iraq? NO, THIS CANNOT BE TRUE!

Just a few hours ago, there are charges we are using napalm in Iraq and the civilian population are now burning in the streets, just like Vietnam.

We can not win this war, maybe there was some point of trying to bring democracy to this ten thousand year old nation now called Iraq but we have long passed that point, every death, every human tragedy is now just wasted, we will leave Iraq hated by their people and the only real question is how many more must die? We have come face to face with the terrorists and we now know that all this time we have been looking in the mirror and the face we see is truly ugly.

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