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Is the Christian Right Promoting Online Porn?

I was reading a week or so ago that porn was one of the nation's largest addiction. So why is a prominent Christian Organization telling their members to get connected?

Last evening I received an Action Alert from The Alliance Defense Fund with the article headline, "DOJ's Anti-Porn Efforts Well-Funded for 2005", VN Online, Scott Ross, 11.29.2004


After clicking on the link I expected to be taken to Christian News Online or some conservative publication, World Net Daily or National Review. Instead, I was zapped to a porno site, AVN one of the premier porn online magazines. What a shock. I was surprised that a Christian Conservative Organization like the Alliance Defense Fund would send a link to an online smut magazine. And they wonder why so many christians are addicted to porn.

"The Alliance Defense Fund labors to defend the family. The family is the most basic unit of any society, and the foundation of America. Without healthy, functioning families, a culture cannot survive. God has defined the ideal for family as one man and one woman, married for life, and those related to them by blood, adoption, or marriage."

internet shit happens 01.Dec.2004 13:36


On the Znet website a few years ago I clicked on a link to a feminist website and a porn site showed up. Hackers, go figure.

And posting the porn pic was necessary because...why?

yes, it is part of the Orwellian agenda. 01.Dec.2004 13:52

just like in 1984

distract us with sex, marketed sex. very important control technique.

not pr0n 01.Dec.2004 15:18


dilEmma, that is definately not pornography...please don't confuse erotic photography with porn.

No 01.Dec.2004 16:13


The "Christian Right" promotes Iraqi snuff videos.

give the woman a fucking break 01.Dec.2004 16:13


Eros is the Greek root for "love", and porn is the Greek root for "whore".

Which one best descibes the intentions of the magazine producers and their intended male audience with that photo, "love" or "whore"?

Magazines selling big tittied fembots to men are about women as the embodiment of 'whore', not women as the embodiment of 'love'. The distinct lack of romantic, affectionate tenderness men routinely display towards sex working females that porn displays is about anything but "love" for women.

I'm a woman who knows when my female sexuality is being infantilized, animalized and insulted. The contents of AVN I am quite familiar with, and I'm not stupid enough to actually buy your bullshit that AVN really meant that photo to honor and love nekkid women despite the contents of a magazine filled with:

Thirsty for cum
Young & doing it for the 1st time
Hardcore Honeys
It Was Bloody
Tiny chicks huge dicks
Crazy Girls MAKE it fit
Cum Swallowing Blondes
Booty shakin ho's
Jizz guzzlers
Hidden shower cams
Small town sluts
Tight hot teens
Filthy animal love
Humping my leg
Petite women try to handle Monster Cock
Tight hot teens
More pussy than u can shake a dick at
Twins Get Fucked Hard
Blonde Hardcore models get Slammed..
Women in heat
Nude teen stars
Seduced Blondes get Abused
Wild lolitas
Watch Sloppy Teen Girls Get It All Over
Naughty schoolgirls
Check Out These Amateur Teen Sluts Begging
Nasty ButtSluts take it in the Ass
Shocking hole stretching
Nasty Asian Teens bent over..
Desperate Mature Blondes do anything

Take your lame justifications for my gender's whorification somewhere else.

Religion is porn... 01.Dec.2004 17:29

Pravda or Consequences

Any organization that demeans women and homosexuals, feeds the prurient interests of men.

animal farm 01.Dec.2004 19:29

hay sam

you for got girls on the farm.

back to the topic 02.Dec.2004 00:32


the same people promote "the Christian Right" and "Online Porn"

bare agenda 02.Dec.2004 08:07


iggir, just the fact that you wag your finger at me for calling it porn while you ignore Amadeus calling it porn in their original posting says all I need to know.

kneejerkreactionarys 02.Dec.2004 23:56


i clicked on the link; i went directly to the article, in its entirety, published in "AVN," which stands for Adult video News. This is the industry publication of adult films. Why shouldn't the article appear in this publication? Why are you offended? the article is there, you can read it, and then leave. You don't have to click on or open anything else.

The Internet porn vs. Internet censorship is an interesting Problem/Solution psy-op, i.e., we create the problem/Internet Porn, by focusing your attention on it through the media, making huge, splashy, usubstantiated claims, like, "Internet Porn is the new crack cocaine." Get some psychiatrist to say that is so...and away with go. OMG!, this is like, such a huge problem, we must regulate the Internet more.

The media is leading your attention wherever it wants you to go. and you oblige even further by disintegrating into gender pissing matches over whose perception is the only true and correct, politcally, perception that one is allowed to have.

Just by viewing this thread, and countless others at indymedia, one could easily conclude that they have won. Divde and conquer. Well, you are divided and conquered, arguing incessantly, like children, over who has the only right and true perception.

In this war that is being waged, it's all perception all the time. there is nothing else.

The point is: the powers that be have allowed and encouraged the floodgates of porn to open and wash over the masses. then they pronounce it is a problem with a story that calls it the new crack cocaine. Then the Department of Justice, no less, gets involved in regulating our freedom of speech. This is huge. And deserves some thoughtful discussion, not a bunch of children shouting at each other on the playground.

The messenger was "AVN." So what. It's the message, that no one has commented upon, that matters, not the messenger.