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Shades of Karen Silkwood: Attacks on a recount activist

Some words from Cannonfire, who is also following the recount. This is concerning the letter from the recount worker/activist. The one that claims she was run off the road and followed. If you haven't seen the movie Silkwood, there is more info below.
Karen Silkwood
Karen Silkwood
Meryl Streep as Karen Silkwood
Meryl Streep as Karen Silkwood
Although right-wingers will relegate the following tale to their "tin foil hat" file, I advise everyone else to read this story carefully. This account strikes me as quite credible -- and quite frightening.

Katrina Sumner is a key recount activist in Ohio. Along with Joan Quinn, she was the first to report on Blackwell's outrageous (and illegal) decision to lock down the ballots in Greene county. Sumner also helped release the story of the ballots left in an unlocked building.

At the time she wrote the following, I was trying to reach her. I'm glad I didn't get through -- she must have been quite frightened at that time, and might not have reacted well to hearing the voice of a stranger. (I did manage to reach a helpful associate of Quinn's.)

Sumner's words need no further introduction...


The Karen Silkwood story:

 link to www.pbs.org

Some more info:

Karen Silkwood was a courageous woman. She died doing what she thought was right: protecting the lives of her coworkers and the public. It was her concern about the dangerous health and safety working conditions at Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation's facility in Oklahoma that prompted her activism and willingness to challenge irresponsible corporate behavior.

Remembering Silkwood's legacy in this 58-minute radio special report are many who fought with her to make the company's irresponsibly behavior an issue for her coworkers and the public at large. They include Tony Mazzocchi, then-Legislative Director of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, OCAW lawyer Steve Wodka and environmental activist Kitty Tucker. Joining them in this special tribute will be actress Meryl Streep, who helped immortalize this real-life drama in the film Silkwood.