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Portland indymedia reader calls out Counterpunch for its cavalier dismissal of the 2004 sElection Fraud

Just wanted to point out the difference between the same old, same old election thefts of the past, and the new and improved election theft of the present - worker by worker, machine by machine, precinct by precinct, county by county
one line of code = millions . . . = the entire state

It's an exponentially easier task to do with exponentially less liklihood of ever getting caught at it, regardless of who is at the helm....

I really don't think Alexander Cockburn has put a lot of time into thinking about this. But you can do better. You can look into it, feel it, and see if electronic vote fraud capability really means nothing in comparison to the history of election fraud. This isn't about protecting or saving the Democraps - for me and many other Greens, regardless of Cobb's his crowd's purpose - this is about exposing the awful potential of e-voting fraud.

The statistical studies already show it happened.

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